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  1. Very poor to give that away, completely unavoidable
  2. I think DH had long enough to get the players to play for him and he couldn’t do it, I don’t believe the players downed tools for months on end, maybe the last couple of games, but DH was not up to the job
  3. Think what you want about Fam, 50 goals for our great club at this level is a great achievement
  4. Ultimately staying up is number 1, after that I want to see Nigel and the players enjoying being at the club, and hopefully this leading to a contract extension for Nigel and a very exciting period in our history.
  5. I still can’t quite believe that happened, he had formations that totalled more than 11!
  6. NP has the ‘Mad Dog’ tag for many reasons, got me thinking who our previous Mad Dogs have been? Basso? Hartley?
  7. Sky Bet seem to have removed the betting for next City boss, I know I know it happened last time
  8. Hope you are polishing that fools hat! #nigel
  9. “Dad, can you tell me the story of when little Leicester won the Premier League?” ”Yes Son, well it all started when Nigel Pearson’s son shagged a Thai prostitute...” Great appointment if true, I’m sure he was available when LJ got the job and I wanted him then, really hope it’s longer than end of season
  10. Time will tell whether I’m a fool or you are
  11. He knows we are in trouble and even said last week before DH was sacked that staying up was first priority, so I can’t see them not acting fast now really, especially when there are some good and available managers currently, that won’t last
  12. I remember when GJ came in just knowing it would work out, he just seemed like the right manager at the right time, same as Danny Wilson although he never quite got the success the football deserved.
  13. Like it or not he’s done well in last two jobs, 45% win rate, currently top of League 1. Not my choice as I want something with experience of getting to Prem, but I don’t think he is as bad as some are making out, certainly has more credentials than LJ had and definitely more than DH
  14. I’m not saying I want Appleton (I don’t) but in fairness his stats at Oxford and now Lincoln (his last 2 proper jobs) arnt actually that bad, 45% win ratio for both, currently top of League 1. Yeh I want ‘very good’ stats for our next manager but I don’t think he would be an utter utter disaster like DH, at least he has experience
  15. That’s an ego appointment I think just to have one of the greatest players ever at your club, akin to getting Pele or Maradona in the past, can’t see it working although he will attract players I’m sure
  16. Not saying this will happen, but the last time we hired a manager with the experience to get us out of the division we were in, was when we hired SC and that worked very well, so for gods sake SL and MA, do the same thing now and hire a manager with experience of promotion from the Championship to the Prem (or similar promotion in a top European league set up). That experience should be the MIMIMUM requirement on the CV IMO, no experiments for the 3rd manager in a row, it’s not worked and is a complete lottery with inexperienced managers, go for experience. In no other line of work would you put a novice into the top job to see how it goes, you go for experience.
  17. I think he’s getting the benefit of doubt due to injuries and previous “good” spells, but if we lose tonight I have no doubt SL will sack him, just from reading between the lines
  18. Yes when that manager comes back and takes the club that he previously got relegated to non league back down to league 2 thus losing his “legend” status!!
  19. Any 4 from 7 it looks like to me, will go down to the wire I think
  20. I must admit I thought it would have happened by now really, I think he will be there for a few more days, but if I was the club I wouldn’t be renewing his car lease just yet
  21. If we lose the next game I’d be very surprised if DH didn’t get the boot. You can blame Ashton and injuries all you like, but DH still has some good players at his disposal, who he has worked with for long enough, and he can’t get a tune out of them and hasn’t done for months. He never should have got the job, it was obvious to almost everyone that he didn’t have the credentials.
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