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  1. On 06/02/2021 at 20:32, cheese said:

    Little Johnny is asked in class by teacher "what does your daddy do"

    "Well miss he works in a gay bar, he dances for gay men wearing a thong and accepts

    tips tucked in his thong for lap dances off old men"

    After class the teacher asks him to stay back.

    "Is that true about your dad?" she's asks still shocked.

    "Nah miss he plays in defence for Bristol Rovers but imagine the shit

    i would get off my mates if they found that out..."

    Your time machine is ready to take you back to the 70’s

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  2. 32 minutes ago, Basil Fawlty said:

    Once is careless but at least we learned lessons. 

    They seem to be in a perpetual financial mess every 3-5 years. 

    The only lesson we’ve learned I think is to get ourselves a very rich owner who can spunk through his own money without it impacting the club

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  3. 16 hours ago, BTRFTG said:

    I think we will, but from what our academy has output over the years  a spell in the lower leagues is pretty much assured.

    Maybe, but I’d rather that than going bust trying to stay in the Championship 

  4. 3 minutes ago, BTRFTG said:

    The closure of the January transfer window highlights what has been blatantly obvious for months,  that the pandemic has accelerated the necessary rate of change required if football is to claw itself back from the cliff edge. Many clubs have probably already missed that boat, a fact upon which we may later rely....

    Not only were transfer volumes and fees drastically reduced from 2020 levels, but the nature of transfers themselves has signally changed. With only two transfers of note (Diallo & Benrahma) the remainder of deals saw Premier clubs swapping unwanted dregs of their bloated squads and even then mostly doing so in the form of loans. The equivalent of shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic. Benrahma's deal saw the only significant trickle down of funds out of the Premier to the lower leagues.  The Davis deal made big headlines yesterday but rather than Liverpool spending the multi millions we saw panicked on the likes of  Bryan, Reid, Pack ,Flint et al, he went for just £500k. That change in direction is, for us,  a showstopper. It's almost as though there were a collective agreement in the Premier not to do anything.

    With the most bloated of squads, little of note for the shop window and a majority of players earning 5 to 10x what they might reasonably expect to receive in today's market, the strategy imposed upon us is stark -if your contract is up - go. Given the huge losses we'll incur over the next couple of years it'll be youth and cheaper end contracts for us in future.  Clubs with better scouting networks abroad will benefit (which doesn't bode well for us, historically.)

    SL will have an idea of the losses he's obliged to absorb over the next 3 years (assuming he retains the desire to keep us trading,) but somewhere in the region £50-60m isn't going to be wide of the mark. We therefore need to re-evaluate our strategy for the academy. It'll need to be producing players that will PLAY for us, not 'ones for the future' on loan, or the odd individual that might, once in a blue moon, be sold for decent money (which will be as rare as rocking-horse.) Our management needs to understand that's how we'll operate, lump it or leave it, thus the big name managers for whom fans clamour are out of the equation, those who historically are great at buying themselves out of trouble.

    Hard times ahead methinks.

    Personally I’d rather see a team of academy players rather than a team of players who have no attachment to the club and are there for solely the cash.  Pie in the sky maybe but football has to change to survive

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Bar BS3 said:

    If Northampton get something, Swindon or Wigan take 3 points from their fixture and Rovers lose, yes. 

    Happy to leave that until last game of the season though. 

    The problem is Swindon, Northampton and Wigan are all terrible as well.  They are defo in trouble though Rovers, and always were after losing JCH and not replacing him adequately.  I don’t know if those other teams around them have strengthened or not but will go to the wire I think.  It doesn’t matter who the manager is if the players are not good enough

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  6. 26 minutes ago, cidercity1987 said:

    That was whose I was thinking of to be honest. Ours seems nice but as you say nothing in comparison to Leicester's and I'm not quite sure why that is? 

    SL - “I’ve spent loads of my own cash building a new training ground what do you think?”

    OTIB - “Well it’s alright Steve but why’s it not as good as Premier League winners Leicester?”

    SL - “Why do I bother?”

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Spud55 said:

    The organisation has, and has some well meaning but dreadfully communicated ideas #defundthepolice is the most god awful way to put forward a point that makes a lot of sense in the US and limited but some sense here as well. 

    But black lives matter started as a twitter hashtag back in 2013 after treyvon martins killing I believe and has been around as a movement for a long time, but had somewhat of a resurgence after the George Floyd killing. 

    Political organisations often form out of movements but they don't necessarily mean that the followers of a movement or the aims of a movement agree at all with those in the political movement that has come to take their name, although sadly the increased tribalism we are seeing is beginning to kill that off where people will blindly follow their tribe no matter what. 

    Thanks for the clarifications.  

    As I’ve said above, if an individual footballer wants to show support for BLM then great, good for them and I would applaud that, but I personally don’t think the directive to all footballers to take a knee is the right approach.  However, as I’ve also said above, if it keeps people talking about a serious issue then that can only be a good thing.

  8. 1 minute ago, Spud55 said:

    I don't think BLM as a movement is political, as I cant think racial equality is a political debate or choice, it should be a given. 

    And I agree it should be up to an individual to either take the knee or not I don't think it should be forced, one of most interesting conversations about this subject was between Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora on this subject (more to do with the US side obviously as they are ex NFL players)

    I agree that racism in all its forms is not political, but BLM has been around a number of years as a political movement I believe.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Spud55 said:

    Just want to pick up on this, I find this stance very strange personally as politics impacts on absolutely everything, the money I have in my pocket to spend on the football is politics, the way I am treated by the police at a football match is politics, the fact that I am even allowed to go to football is politics, other than sleeping politics plays a role in every aspect of our lives so I find it strange when people say anything should or even can stay out of politics. 

    Fair enough, to clarify hopefully, the problem for me is that everyone has different political viewpoints, including footballers, so to instruct footballers to do something in line with a particular political viewpoint I.e. BLM when they might have a different view on it seems unfair, as if a player disagrees and doesn’t want to do it, they will no doubt be given grief.

    Again, I appreciate what the FA are trying to do, but for me I’m not sure players should be the vehicle for it.  They are on the pitch to play football, not fight one particular cause or another.  If an individual wants to take the knee or another gesture than that’s up to them, but as a collective, I’m not sure.

  10. 14 minutes ago, TheReds said:

    Taking the knee is associated with BLM, many people despise BLM including many black people and what it represents as an organisation as it is political. People want to watch sport to get away from what is happening in the World and it is an escape for many. If you think they are fighting for racial equality then that is up to you, but many people do not see it that way at all.


    Personally, although I admire what the FA are trying to do, I think football should probably stay out of any sort of politics.  BLM is a noble cause but part of the problem they have had is that whilst the majority agree that racism is bad and we don’t want it anywhere in society, some of the actions taken in line with the BLM movement have not been well received.

    However if it keeps the debate going and highlights shocking acts of racism then that can only be a good thing I guess?

  11. 6 hours ago, Bar BS3 said:


    Having a gambling company in the front of a football shirt has made nobody set up a gambling account and suffer from addiction, ever, I'd wager. 

    To be fair if it doesn’t work then why do the gambling companies bother with sponsorship?  The drop in cigarette advertising has helped to reduce smoking levels, so I think the same would happen with gambling so this ban is good

  12. 7 minutes ago, Silvio Dante said:

    We could be due a pharaoh fee...



    Not a problem, if we sell to Pyramids FC, we will let him play one more game for us before he goes, just to say goodbye, we then carry him off the pitch a hero, then Pyramids FC will get wind of this and pull the plug on the deal and we get to keep him! Where have I heard that before?


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  13. 5 hours ago, Packman said:

    Not my favourite example but I still can't believe how we didn't beat Sheffied Wednesday a few years ago.

    2-0 up, Tammy Abraham double I think and they were down to 10 men and we had a penalty.

    Tomlin hits the post with the pen and then gary o'Neil gets sent off within seconds of the penalty miss. We then concede 1 then another and I was fuming whilst watching sky sports news, how could we draw from being in such a strong position. And then the bloke said "there's been a goal at Hillsborough" deep into stoppage time. My heart sank I knew what was coming, and then it flashes up on the screen 3-2 to Wednesday, I was already fuming at only getting 1 point, and to make it worse Frankie Fielding dropped the ball into his net, this sent me over the edge. Throwing stuff around the living room, punching the sofa, screaming, baby crying, mrs went mental at me, I had to have a cold shower to calm down.

    Yeh I felt like we’d chucked the season in that game, our belief drained away in the space of a few seconds

  14. 12 hours ago, Ska Junkie said:

    We had 1000's of home fans locked out Admittedly we were playing them so all those City ST holders that didn't get in were obviously gasheads but we did have home fans locked out.

    Actually, going back to the 70's we had lockouts a few time IIRC.

    Was that when people were sat on the steps of the dolman?  I remember it being total carnage, and the club were lucky nothing bad happened to be fair

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  15. Funny how they never talk of how many get locked out at home games!  I mean even if you took it as fact that they have amazing away support, and take 40k to Wembley etc etc surely that just highlights how incredibly poor the home support is, so why boast about it?

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  16. 15 minutes ago, glos old boy said:

    Real atletes run dozens of miles everyday while training, while most footballers dont even run for 1 1/2hrs on a matchday so how come they need so many days between games to recover?

    Game prep/tactics....is it not right that that cannot be "set in stone" until the actual team they are playing is known, 1hr before kick off and then there is the halftime break/instructions from touchline and indeed notes passed during the game; is it not pretty simple, defenders will be defending, forwards will be, well forward and midfielders will be linking/joining both.

    I realise that they must get very tired on long coach trips and need there nights in posh hotels etc, but not if its in the same City.

    We all have to make sacrifices many much more than these poor lovies have to, its a game of football ffs get on with it.

    You seem to be implying that footballers don’t run as much as athletes so don’t need the rest?  I suggest respectfully that you read up on sports science, as all sports have different demands on the body, and have different training schedules to cope, and different rest requirements.  

    Football in this country has caught up with the rest of Europe and other sports in this respect and takes it seriously, unlike back in the day when our very own Paul Cheesley was asked to run up and down the Dolman steps which ended his career!

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  17. Surprised anyone cares about the draw to be honest, even if we got a big team, nobody can go and watch anyway, our best option is getting perceived easier draws so we stay in the cup for longer with a chance that fans might be able to be allowed back in later in the season, although I’m doubtful that will happen again this season

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  18. On 03/01/2021 at 11:17, Hampshire Red said:

    and with all that Chinese scribble the shirt is, like most EPL teams, a disgrace. Most other teams having shocking away kits too and what Blades fans think of a pale pink, who knows? Interesting to see Webster have another 'mare in one of the leakiest defenses the Prem has ever seen.

    We wont get to see Josh v Bobby R due to another Covid postponement that seems likely to be the norm from now on.

    Bloody Chinese with their scribble 😂😂

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