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  1. They are easily impressed on Gaschat, BG was one of their worst ever managers which is saying something in itself, and not slagging them off when he leaves is ‘classy’, nobody slags their last club off when getting sacked, especially with his record
  2. It doesn’t matter how good your measures are if outside of those measures people do what they want. They can only control (to some extent) what the players do at training and the ground etc but they can’t control outside of that as it’s up to the individuals
  3. I don’t think there has been a thread on this and I know he was arguable one of the worst players to ever play for us but not nice to read of any player being treated on the pitch for an hour, hope he makes a speedy recovery! https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/local/darlington/18862443.darlington-player-nicky-hunt-given-all-clear-last-nights-injury/
  4. “...Your Scientists Were So Preoccupied With Whether Or Not They Could, They Didn’t Stop To Think If They Should.” Dr Malcolm....on VAR not Jurassic Park
  5. https://twitter.com/CheapPanini/status/1325099133217202176?s=20https://twitter.com/CheapPanini/status/1325099133217202176?s=20
  6. Just checking everyone is prepared for us to concede deep into injury time, I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer from shock and then lose it on here
  7. I worked at Nationwide for 2 years in Swindon, the drive was a killer, especially in the winter, but the positive for me was listening to Talksport!
  8. Still top with 22 points though, I’d take that! So close this league as always, and although our performances haven’t been great, we have played 4 of the top 6 already
  9. And the prize for the earliest ever ‘is this a must win game’ post goes to....
  10. I don’t think our academy is much different to many others is it, how many first team players at other clubs came through the ranks at that club to start regularly? It would be good to see some stats from the weekends games for the Top 4 divisions (a lockdown job for somebody!), I’d say the average would be 2 at best across the board, higher in the lower divisions probably, I’m happy to be proved utterly wrong
  11. I remember watching him play for us and saying he’d play for England (which he did), such a shame for him how it turned out
  12. I thought when we was announced on the roof he had the look of somebody who was faking excitement, he made it clear he wanted to stay at QPR, yet to be that impressed with him
  13. I think they will carry on for now as measures now in place and have been for a while, however the longer this goes on m, and therefore the further away from fans returning, it’s going to kill off so many clubs in the pyramid I fear
  14. For me COVID is a weak excuse, it’s been around long enough now for Hummel to sort their shiz out, plus when we decided to use Hummel surely the first question should have been “what controls have you put in place post COVID to ensure you can deliver orders”. To come out and blame COVID now is like buying an out of date sandwich, and blaming the shop for giving you food poisoning
  15. I’ve found robins tv via internet on tv so I’m all set, thanks all!
  16. Yeh will look into that, I have Apple TV anyway so can share screens with tv I think
  17. Yep got one of them, do I purchase the game via the website then? I thought I could do on app but I can’t see where to do this, I went for Robins TV but no option, maybe it only shows on the day?
  18. Can somebody explain to me in simple terms how I purchase the game on Saturday, and how I can watch this on my Tv instead of huddling round my phone? Since I passed 41 my grasp of tech has dwindled massively! Cheers
  19. Similar themed fact, but Everton’s first ground was actually Anfield!
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