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  1. cheers for the informative reponse, unlike to first 2 responders!
  2. thanks for the intelligent responses missing the point
  3. I have received 4/5 refunds on my season ticket, I received an email for each refund which will be paid onto my credit card which is of little use as will pay off the current balance rather than me being able to access the money. I was not contacted by Bristol Sport to see where I wished the money to be credited. My point is, they must have kept my credit card details and assume the details of all purchasers of tickets on file, which if they got hacked would be a major breach of the GDPR regulations and lead to possible fines of 4% of annual global turnover in each case which would
  4. the turnstyles are computerized so they know exactly how many have passed through, why do they feel the need to publish tickets sold figures rather than the correct figure !
  5. Norwich had the bottom tier yesterday **** the police, history or not they need to do their job
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