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  1. Men with seemingly no regard to the current climate or the intricacies of what that might mean for the club maybe experienced coaches want to much money? Maybe experienced coaches want to spend too much money? maybe experienced coaches did not say the right things? maybe experienced coaches did not have the right things said to them? whatever it is, no one at BCFC is deliberately trying to mess up the club, in fact I am sure they are trying to do the opposite with far more information than we do have and should have available. the club will make their choice based on many
  2. Agreed, it’s actually sickening to read bristol sport = spectre apparently
  3. You can’t honestly think that this tells a whole story
  4. Such spoilt children on this forum
  5. Jesus this is sad *the people wanting to protest that is
  6. Maybe the club could have this on the homepage of the website while we wait
  7. People wanting their money back based on a managerial appointment alone, before a ball is even kicked, is odd. do people think the appointment should be made by a season ticket holder vote? maybe Chris houghton is saying things that aren’t right for our football club, maybe we are saying things that aren’t right for him maybe Holden is very highly thought of even though his name is not out there as being so maybe the players we have available really really like him and are enthused about the idea of him as boss? That’s got to hold some weight, and should do when you can’t b
  8. I get it some people do not want DH as boss but some of the over reactions on here are pathetic, its a football club appointing a manager at the end of the day, check in with yourself on that. I will probably be a little disappointed if he is appointed, but I'll also be intrigued as to how he gets on and might as well support him!
  9. Basically all I am saying here is don’t call JL a spoilt daddy’s boy all the time when stuff does not to your way (some irony there) and act like we should have the moon on a stick all the time. I am plenty content with my self worth as a fan of bristol city, cheers for checking though. Football is hard however and I recognise that and also wish to recognise that there are 92 of us all vying for the same things. there is no such thing as instant success, or predetermined and guaranteed ‘progression’ football is trial and error on the pitch and with its employees. Improving things off it
  10. This entitles you to express your opinion regarding results on the pitch to a certain degree - though really should not be to the vitriolic Levels football has developed into. It does not give you however a VIP pass to know everything about the inner workings of the club as a business and make such extraordinary demands of it and mock the owners as if they are taking your money and then taking the piss with it. Your money goes **** all distance to cover the cost of the club you love so it is up to someone with abit more clout than you and I To make up the difference. Ama
  11. I do not think it was stupid at all, I was being facetious
  12. I’d love to think it’s that ‘good for nothing daddy’s boy’ Jon lansdown putting a lump on to get Holden to the top of the odds just to mess with some of the apocalyptictos on here
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