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  1. if there is 'blame' then it lies with Southgate, something he has accepted. And I am surprised at him dropping the ball on this one, I dont care how often Saka banged them in in training, you cannot train for the final of the euros and taking the 5th Pen, an experienced player should be stepping up here, or told to step up. Its painful that we had a club recognized penalty taker in Jack Grealish on the pitch but he did not take one, painful. Not saying he would have scored but he is used to shouldering responsibility. That was not fair on Saka, not fair at all and I feel for him. Rashford is a recognized penalty taker and did everything right just pulled it, but Sancho and Saka, they were not there, not mentally and produced poor penalties with no disguise or power.. its one or the other. I feel so terribly for them all, gutted for Pickford too as to save from Jorghino in that situation was cup worthy itself. Regards to the OP, saying these players should never play for england again? you are a disgrace.
  2. You are going to get hammered for this I am sure but the sentiment is right. The booing of the knee is the single most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
  3. the stoke england city in that order.
  4. no problem.. livened up my Friday even if work did suffer a little. let us know whatever it is you end up using, invested in the team now haha
  5. Last Effort inspired by spikes cleaner badge
  6. Finished and tidied up
  7. Blockhouse park behind the pub forms the basis of he badge, rough first effort!
  8. He’s been there done that
  9. And I’m not sure exactly why I am continuing down this hall way! terrible day and RIP
  10. But the bitumen covered roof was not an increased source of ignition as you made it sound that it was
  11. To be pedantic, Asphalt roofs are actually quite fire resistant. Bitumen itself has a very high flash and ignition point compared to other oil products
  12. One and the same. Yeh I never realised before it was him. He sounds a little different on the radio
  13. Jake wood is a sometimes presenter on talk sport, can’t remember which show maybe Sunday afternoon. Pretty good tbf
  14. May 9th 1999 (22 years ago!!) I was ballboy at Ashton gate on the last day of the season. Relegation was already assured however we won the game against Norwich 1-0 with the only goal scored by one Lorenzo pinamonte. when the players were coming off the pitch I asked Lorenzo for his shirt to which he declined. I hope he still treasures this shirt otherwise he upset a 10 year old for no reason
  15. If I took a picture of you side on, would I be able to see both of your legs?
  16. That was 14 years ago! And for 3 years, he was hardly Alex Ferguson. I like the guy, I loved the spirit, success and football he bought in league 1. Backed or not, the squad was ok but we were dire in the championship under him and he was beyond dire at Birmingham after and has subsequently only been employed by *checks notes* Shrewsbury town. He is not good enough and some people need to take off their rose tinted spectacles and try to look forward I’m literally the one stating facts, not nostalgic drivel like everyone else
  17. It is though https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Cotterill
  18. Steve cotterill has continually failed as a championship manager, let it go also glad he his better
  19. Sorry to hear about everything you have gone through/are going through would 10k a week solve all that though? players are people too, of course they should be giving more, they appear to not be trying very hard. but to suggest they have no issues because they make good money doing something we all do for free is just not true
  20. Don’t feel I can look forward to next season properly until Pearson is signed on. To much about his past (and ours!) suggests it could go t*ts up. when this is finally on the OS, I shall believe
  21. Frankie fielding Stephen sessignon Gerry gow Albert adomah Michel mcindoe Colin cramb leroy lita
  22. Got 600/1 on us to be promoted...
  23. Yeh, he has to go. Not his fault mind. Please don’t think to long and hard about this next one, the best available or someone with exciting potential, go for them
  24. Not offended at all (seriously), just felt a little off considering what I had just read on this site that was quite wholesome. I am sorry to hear of your struggles, certainly we’ve all got em’ Recently taken up the idea of “silence is violence” (though violence in this case is a little full on!!) so I called it as I saw it, because let’s face it we could do with a kinder world.
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