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  1. I like Southgate and his stance on issues like racism has been excellent. Clearly he gets on well with the players. However, I just can't escape the feeling he is tactically second rate and will blow what is a decent chance to do well given the resources we have available with too defensive selections.
  2. To be fair Shaw has been quality this season and is probably better defensively.
  3. If Kane is injured we may as well pack up and play the u21s to give them experience!
  4. Lee Trundle suffered from the tactical ineptitude of GJ (who I love) as much as his own physical shortcomings. Probably should have been the loan striker with Noble, Sproule and McIndoe around him in a 4-2-3-1. Or swap Noble with Adebola and put Trundle in the playmaker role.
  5. Now we can take 9k to Man City. No chance we wouldn't sell out these days. Does highlight how far we have come (well, up until covid-19)
  6. great goal against Reading (?) under Millen for our first home win back in 2010-11. God we were crap that season.
  7. return leg wasn't bad either!
  8. I was not MA's biggest critic on here but what the hell was he thinking clustering this contract mess into one summer? I suppose Holden probably wanted time to evaluate who he wanted to keep but still it seems strange to have close to 1/3 of the squad being punted in one summer.
  9. good luck to him, he did a good job here but didn't have enough about him to take us into the playoffs.
  10. good points. Vyner, Bakinson, Massengo, Semenyo, Dasilva (who we have badly missed) and Williams will all be likely starters next season and that doesn't fill me with dread, its a solid starting point. We just need a couple of additions to provide the additional spark. Andi coming back in will be a big help in terms of securing results.
  11. 13-14 was a strange season. Its very hard to reverse a slide that began on a certain May day in 2008 at Wembley and culminated with 9(?) months without a win in the league. The club was really behind, zero youth development, the stadium was outdated, the training ground was average and the staff and players were bloated. All that being said the team SoD took into L1 was not as bad as it looked after the first 15 results. People forget but Baldock and JET were on fire, a very over powered strike partnership for that division. I think Baldock ended on 25 goals, he was a quality player who never got enough respect on here. Our weakness was conceding goals, often late on. In part I suppose that reflected the poor mentality of the football club at the time. Flint and Bryan being new at the back can't have helped either, Cunningham was always suspect in a flat 4 as well. Cotts tried to fix this with El-Bad but by March the backline had gelled and that transfer fiasco was forgotten. I don't think he was about to turn us around but given his signings and his clear belief that Bryan and Reid had serious potential (it was a bit criminal that Cotts pretty quickly discarded Bobby but Freeman was outstanding in the following year) I don't look back at his time with total disdain. Probably the wrong guy, but certainly the wrong time.
  12. Is this complete speculation or is there a decent source for anything?
  13. Say what you like about MA but he does seem to sell players on well. Before he came in wasn't our record transfer fee received Ade Akinbiyi?
  14. Swindon engaged in wrestling tactics at every corner and should have given away multiple penalties so swings and roundabouts.
  15. Quite strange really, we have never actually had a quality side, by quality I mean a side that is respected at a national level. Since 1909 we have never had a season better than Sheffield Utd did last year. Not once. Not even a League Cup final appearance. That's how bad we have been. Historically inept. One of the worst clubs in English football. Probably European football, given the size of city Bristol is.
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