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  1. I’m still in Hartlepool. It’s been like a Mexican carnival all week, culminating in the open top bus tour tomorrow. The locals have told me they’ve never known good times like this and how prowed they are that it’s put Hartlepool on the map.
  2. Ooh, I'm staying near Hartlepool next weekend. Wonder if I should become an honorary Monkey Hanger for the day!
  3. Comparing themselves with Liverpool and Man U now! “Very disappointing for those travelling down, mad 25 mins! but we did win the last hour 1-0! I know it will be toxic on here now but these things happen to all teams ,even the Man u's and Liverpool's of this world ” Yeah but not every other week, which is why they are currently 1st and 5th and not 90th!
  4. Knock out in Chipping Sodbury Incidentally, the google translation of the German version is "Our neighbours knock on the door and then run away" What it loses in whimsy, it makes up for in accuracy.
  5. Rugby League has some belters. Batley’s Fox’s Biscuits Stadium, St Helens play at the Totally Wicked Stadium and not forgetting Castleford Tigers’ Mend-a-Hose Jungle!
  6. He won't delete it, he'll release a statement intending to apologise which will somehow end up sounding much worse.
  7. First City manager I remember. I was too young to understand what had happened to City in the previous few years at the time but now appreciate that what he did for the club was immense. RIP Terry.
  8. I sympathise. My cat's not house-trained either.
  9. And here's Benny Stokes, from the locker-room end, steaming towards the creaseline for the 3rd chuck of his first five, Joey Root swings his hitboard...and MISSES! It goes past him and backstop Buttler slam-dunks the ball into the gate, sending the sticks flying. Joey's out of his area, the referee flags and, gee-whillikers, Joey-boy is sent off, with only 7 in-betweens to his name. York-Shire Pigiron are up against the wall now with 3 down to 24 in-betweens. And now a word from our sponsors. Nuts (Honestly, the sponsors are nuts)
  10. It’s just colourful rounders innit?
  11. Until she was caught fondling Germany's manager.
  12. Here is the quote from the horse's mouth replying to the statement "Joey Barton's new trial will take place on Friday, November 26. " Joke. How is it sensible to rearrange for the day before a game? I notice it just states the Friday and there's no mention of the number of days. Does this mean they now think it will be wrapped up quickly? Yeah, they'll probably just skip all the boring 'evidence' and 'cross-examination' nonsense and go straight to the 'asking the jury wevver he done it or not" bit and have it wrapped up before lunch.
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