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  1. I sympathise. My cat's not house-trained either.
  2. And here's Benny Stokes, from the locker-room end, steaming towards the creaseline for the 3rd chuck of his first five, Joey Root swings his hitboard...and MISSES! It goes past him and backstop Buttler slam-dunks the ball into the gate, sending the sticks flying. Joey's out of his area, the referee flags and, gee-whillikers, Joey-boy is sent off, with only 7 in-betweens to his name. York-Shire Pigiron are up against the wall now with 3 down to 24 in-betweens. And now a word from our sponsors. Nuts (Honestly, the sponsors are nuts)
  3. It’s just colourful rounders innit?
  4. Until she was caught fondling Germany's manager.
  5. Here is the quote from the horse's mouth replying to the statement "Joey Barton's new trial will take place on Friday, November 26. " Joke. How is it sensible to rearrange for the day before a game? I notice it just states the Friday and there's no mention of the number of days. Does this mean they now think it will be wrapped up quickly? Yeah, they'll probably just skip all the boring 'evidence' and 'cross-examination' nonsense and go straight to the 'asking the jury wevver he done it or not" bit and have it wrapped up before lunch.
  6. One belter on their forum is questioning why it's been arranged for a Friday, the day before a match. Not sure he has worked out where the legal system and a game of football sit in the hierarchy of importance. I can't see the judge poring over a fixture list to see when best suits Bristol Rovers.
  7. I didn’t think the first team did play much last season?
  8. Their new training ground, The Craters, or whatever it's called. The one where they forgot to include enough space for players and no offices so they have had to revise the planning application.
  9. Seem to remember Spurs form dipped alarmingly, as did Arsenal's after they both built their new stadia. The powers that be at Rovers have obviously done due diligence and have pre-empted this issue.
  10. 22 days at number 1. Third highest behind Norwich and Reading!
  11. I think they make Lincoln biscuits, not Nice biscuits.
  12. I see David Luiz is leaving Arsenal. Have them over on CatShag expressed an interest yet?
  13. Still think the best nominative determinism has to be Wolfgang Wolf at Wolfsburg in the early 2000s
  14. No scientific proof of concrete on the training ground floor either. Just spit and sawdust.
  15. Kevin Ward: Welcome to the gas! Blimey, Will next season be the one we start going places? Yep, Crawley, Salford, Mansfield, Stevenage, Barrow....
  16. 10:55 "Well, it's all fallen apart for Bristol Rovers now" Pure ear syrup, and remarkably topical!!
  17. I'm not condoning it, but at least they had sense to use objects and not their own heads.
  18. They can't have much of a defence though. "We propose that the defendant's comments are libellous. His claims are patently untrue. Our respective records at the club speak for themselv.....oh."
  19. Probably not as bad as you'd imagine, she's only 36.
  20. Top notch under-bus throwing there, mind.
  21. It must work or they wouldn't spend millions on advertising. Remember the bookies always win (except for the one that sponsored Bristol Jonahs)
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