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  1. Kevin Ward: Welcome to the gas! Blimey, Will next season be the one we start going places? Yep, Crawley, Salford, Mansfield, Stevenage, Barrow....
  2. 10:55 "Well, it's all fallen apart for Bristol Rovers now" Pure ear syrup, and remarkably topical!!
  3. I'm not condoning it, but at least they had sense to use objects and not their own heads.
  4. They can't have much of a defence though. "We propose that the defendant's comments are libellous. His claims are patently untrue. Our respective records at the club speak for themselv.....oh."
  5. Probably not as bad as you'd imagine, she's only 36.
  6. Top notch under-bus throwing there, mind.
  7. It must work or they wouldn't spend millions on advertising. Remember the bookies always win (except for the one that sponsored Bristol Jonahs)
  8. Murray Walker has passed away at 97
  9. If I recall he nearly kept WBA up after getting the job in impossible circumstances and they sacked him the following season when they were third or fourth! Madness. Good luck to him at Wednesday, he'll need it! Was touted a few weeks ago as a possible at BCFC. Wouldn't have been disappointed.
  10. O/T but my favourite Officer Crabtree quote after hearing gunfire from the cafe: I was pissing by the door, when I heard two shats. You are holding in your hand a smoking goon; you are clearly the guilty potty.
  11. Each to their own. I had a cod lot tonight. Gert lush,
  12. I doubt it. It appears Keith Stroud's French cousin is reffing.
  13. That moment as a Swansea fan when you excitedly click on the link and think "Oooh goody! I wonder how much we beat them by...Oh."
  14. My local conference side's stadium as a reference. Injustice accepted.
  15. And with those forearms, if he swung a ball boy round after we score against a Premier league giant he’d launch them over the Dolman.
  16. Or occasionally "Na dge" and "Nudge". I thought we had 13 players on the pitch at one point. (autocorrect won't let me type na dge as one word!)
  17. Well if he had spent less time on it and more time doing it for real he might have got us somewhere.
  18. Is he blinking "Send help, I'm being held against my will" in Morse Code?
  19. Had to laugh at this post on the Bournemouth Forum But bit depressing we spent 3 weeks looking and couldn't find anyone, whilst Bristol City find Pearson in just over a week Bournemouth: 3 weeks and we appointed from within. How depressing BCFC: Holden my beer...
  20. It's actually more embarrassing than that. I've just noticed the Cat Shag tab is still open from when I was reading their reaction to their new acquisition (Spoiler: They are not as united as we seem to be).
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