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  1. No bloody wonder with that badge as their inspiration.
  2. But not if the player is shouting things like "That Stanley Matthews, now there was a player" or "I remember when you could go to the pictures, have a cod lot and get the bus home and still have change from half a crown" or "Eh? Speak up"
  3. Well, Wayne Rooney is a country member.
  4. Star has it. Didn't realise he was only 60! BREAKING Diego Maradona dead: Argentina football legend dies after suffering heart attack - Daily Star
  5. Why on earth would they s**t themselves? I was under the impression that the Gas fans were the most loveliest in all of Christendom. The fans of every team they've played say so.
  6. Good show. Lost my hair during chemo. Weirdest thing was going out in the rain and feeling it bounce of my bonce! Was told it may grow back different, was holding out for a ginger afro, but it grew back pump water straight and black as before.
  7. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/foundations-laid-ben-garners-results-4702551 Foundations laid but Ben Garner's results were just not good enough for Bristol Rovers That's a first. Normally they make do with some firm ground and some metal pegs.
  8. The BBC would seem to have no problem with it! https://www.bbc.com/pidgin
  9. Sight - Babestation Touch - Boob Cricket Taste - Out of date crisps and Fanta (or possibly no taste whatsoever) Smell - The outflow from the urinals Hear - The roar of 10,000 locked out fans
  10. Looks like a lot of the Bears may turn out for the Barbarians this weekend as Saracens continue to believe rules are for other people!
  11. and for compo for the 10000 travelling fans
  12. It comes to something when a manager considers discussing scoring goals with a member of his team a joke.
  13. Is that really what is on the poster? Either that or someone has some seriously good Photoshop skills over there.
  14. Thanks for the clarification, thought he'd misspelt ikea there.
  15. Getting all excited because "da famus quarterz" were in a feature film, missing the point that the character Danny in Hot Fuzz was an utter moron.
  16. I believe Dark Mode was activated while we were looking for and appointing the new manager. Seems to have been fixed now.
  17. They also wear the "unique" "famous" quarters.
  18. Please don't hijack another thread with puns. Toe the line, guys.
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