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  1. If True... That statement is outrageous. Far too many 'I' comments for my like when it is 'our' club and we are fans. No one man is more important than this club. My estimation of Mark Ashton has gone down massively with this awful piece of self-PR. To reveal that LJ cried and pleaded to retain his job is disgraceful. Things like that should be kept in private. Secondly - this man clearly believes in himself. It is borderline narcissistic in its nature. The way he outlines how HE has built the talent from HIS contacts, could not make it any more clear that there was no unit
  2. Totally agree. Sadly some people comment on forums as if they are something entitled. Learning to give a bit of respect would serve these people well. He's done a good job - but his time had run out. If you pause and think.... He's moved us forward. He's developed some young players who we have sold at good profit He's given us some amazing nights and a very special cup run The time was right, he needed to go but he will do well elsewhere. He does however need to change his philosophy and mindset. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over aga
  3. Looking at the Rugby model, things have changed since we appointed LJ in his role. Lansdown has spent big on some rugby players, and has spent big on coaches. First getting Andy Robinson and then Pat Lam. On a side note, I've just finished a Book about Bielsa (which is fascinating). Leeds openly admitted that the cost of the manager was far less impactful than another big signing player. They offered Conte £20 Million to coach them after he got sacked by Chelsea, such is the value of Premier League football to them. If we have been wise (as would appear) in our purchases over th
  4. More interesting in that list is one of the games is a severnside derby between us and Cardiff. Imagine being the ref for that, when you have an allegiance to one side...
  5. That goal away at Sunderland to get a 1-1 draw.... will never forget that. Live on Sky. Battered for 90 mins and Welchy had the game of his life in goal. Sunderland walked the league that year.
  6. Last year was exactly that. Sadly I had already decided this year that I would not take my rwo children under 8. I am thankful it had moved to 8pm on a school night which meant I didn't feel so crappy or have to explain them why were not going to a ground 20 minutes from our house, and that we pass when gping to the Gate every other weekend. Our away support is brilliant at times, but there is a vast minority who are just horrible. At Brentford, Charlton and Birmingham away there were full on fights and verbals between ourselves.
  7. Usually by now - the match report is live on the website and post match interviews up on social media. So far - nothing. That is usually the sign of something else taking place which is bigger than usual. Perhaps wrong, but it feels like something is amiss.
  8. Do you live local? I head back to the Gate often, so if you ever want a lift you are more than welcome.
  9. Could not agree more - for £30 a ticket they are outstanding value for money. I saw the proper Mac a few years ago in Birmingham and left very disappointed. Saw Rumours last year and I would say they were everything I wanted from the actual line-up.
  10. You do know what a forum is don't you... 'a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.' Close it down, Robbored say's we can't discuss LJ's approach to the game today.
  11. A priority window would be like the Holy Grail. Just getting a decent period of notice that they are going on sale should be common courtesy Stuff like this opens up the Fans v Customer argument. What was the rush for getting on Sale today? Announce today, let the Preston game happen and then sell on Monday. It's not like the tickets will be posted out today, or people will be able to collect them tomorrow.
  12. This is appalling. I don't usually kick-off about these things, but have made a real effort to go on the road this season and Luton away was one I definitely wanted to do. I have been checking the site all week for news for when on sale as anticipated it would be anytime. Lo and behold, I check in my lunch break to find out that not only had they gone on sale, they have also sold out. Surely at least 24 hours notice before going on sale to allow people to plan is not asking too much?
  13. The QPR game showed Walsh is not ready. He was defensively poor and lazy in tracking. He'll get there in the fullness of time and does some brilliant things going forward but our system is based on 10 outfield players pressing. The moment one shirks their responsibility, it doesn't work and leaves us far too exposed.
  14. I felt he was very poor on Sunday, and feel this may be the right move. That said, some people on here should show the guy respect though. Model-Pro in his time here, and when someone like Guardiola singles a player out for praise then you should take note. Marlon - if this does turn out this way - thanks and good luck.
  15. This was my highlight... One job! Fail.
  16. You want one of these!! In all seriousness, Honda do produce amazing lawnmowers that will last a very long time.
  17. Anyone got a spare - ready to leave from Berkshire and get to Birmingham now if there is one about.
  18. Only found out last night that I am no longer required to go away on Business to Germany. Gutted tbh - as would have snapped up a ticket with my ST when on sale. Hopefully one will come up.
  19. Still available? Happy to share a lift from Hampshire/Berkshire too if interested?
  20. Exactly what Bimringham did on Tuesday. Coincidence that they got 2 injuries within 3 minutes of our goal...? I think not. Totally killed our momentum. Excellent 'Game Management' but irritating and borderline poor gamesmanship.
  21. Also looking for an adult if one spare
  22. Anyone got a spare adult ticket I can buy - friend coming over from the States for the game.
  23. I think we all know that answer..... sadly.
  24. I don't mind the FA Cup date - I have a choice about buying a ticket for that, but as a ST holder the Tuesday night move has a huge impact and means I can't now go. That is now 4 home games missed this season as a ST holder due to moving fixtures. You allow for 1 or 2, but this is getting silly. It is this type of rubbish that puts me off us ever getting to the Premier 'screw the fans over' league.
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