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  1. And I thought COVID would cripple season ticket sales...
  2. I’m sure Chris Hughton would be realistic too and would not expect the kind of deal he might have pre COVID.. Holden won’t get us out of this division, not up anyway.. if promotion really remains the dream then what’s the point of throwing the anchor out?
  3. It also means that MA would consider DH superior to Lee... wonder how long he would have been of that opinion and if he was of that opinion why didn’t he act earlier and get us into the play offs?
  4. This appointment would show how far we have come as a club... To attract someone of this calibre is hugely impressive. Let’s all commit to not slag him off at the first opportunity... we’re not worthy.
  5. Was it Winston Churchill?.. “If this is good news, then it’s certainly well disguised..”
  6. FNQ

    Steven Gerrard

    If I were Ryan Lowe and I saw that I got the job ahead of a field that included Gerrard, Hughton and Terry I’d be delighted.. it’s the rest of us who will be left feeling insulted. Obviously hope this doesn’t happen but this is Bristol City... who knows perhaps COVID has changed the owners perspective on life in general and perhaps there will be a ‘new normal’ going forward... we can dream
  7. FNQ

    Steven Gerrard

    Better get started..
  8. FNQ

    The Luxury Lads

    Sounds a bit ‘chancey’ Dave..
  9. FNQ

    80 points

    He's talking top 2...
  10. Talk about rough justice... on the edge of the box but it would have more sense for the ref to have given a penalty!
  11. Mate... Did you leave your PC unattended? Looks like your account has been hacked by some sad ******** who knows f@ck all about our club or our history... What a *****, assuming he's one of us I wonder what games he'll recall from this season in 44 years time when he's 52? BTW. I was there as a 17 year old and it was frickin brilliant... Well until just after the final whistle when we were being showered with glass and coins from all those brummies who ran across the pitch before then realsing that we were parked at the wrong end of the ground away from all the City coaches... Head down,
  12. Will not know if his arse has been punched, bored or drilled if Nicky Eliasson starts on Saturday... We’re decent away from home, the new boys look good, Fam is bloody dangerous, Leeds are under pressure, we’re due... 1-3 COYR’s
  13. Didn’t realise the sweaties had scored three goals at the World Cup..
  14. Didn’t realise that the sweaties had qualified for three world cups..
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