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  1. Bumping this for any interested new entrants this season. League code: lbf0y3
  2. Deadline to enter your fpl team is tomorrow at 19:00
  3. The otib groups filling up nicely I’m unable to edit the opening post so just a reminder that any new joiners should use the code: r30vsk
  4. Yeah everyone who joined last year should be auto-renewed. It’s just whether new people are able to join with that code as the one from the opening post isn’t working.
  5. Have you just joined using that code? If so I’ll update the opening post so others can join easily. Cheers
  6. Just gone in to administer league and it’s saying the league code is: r30vsk Seems short, could you try it and see if that works? Cheers
  7. Just renewed the league. If anyone new fancies joining try the code in the opening post. Hopefully that will work.
  8. Nor me particularly mate. If the consensus is that people don’t mind then that’s cool. If anyone takes issue feel free to post here or pm me.
  9. To the 6 Doctors... Doctor Southgate, Doctor Maguire etc. Do you mind picking one of the teams as your entry and remove the others please? (Or pm which team you’d like to keep and I’ll remove the others) Multiple entries in this fun league kinda detracts from the fun for everyone else. Cheers
  10. Set up a league for OTIB if anyone fancies joining, more city related pun names the better Code: 1911173-772022 https://fantasy.premierleague.com/a/login
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