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  1. Must admit that the drone shot with the sun setting over Ashton Court gave me a few pangs of home sickness.
  2. That thought crossed my mind that last season but there were other reasons as so many were going to be out of contract. If that is the case this season the we really are doomed. The lack of crowds and toxic atmospheres last season meant they had it easier, hopefully they won't get such an easy ride this time around.
  3. Time for a few training sessions in Greville Smyth park
  4. I'm not sure it does but I'm not sure how I feel either. Every capitulation just seems to bring out a feeling of despair at the mess we seem to be in. What with last season's abject performance's it just seems to be never ending. As others have said I'm not sure I have much enthusiasm to spend time and money watching them at the moment. It's a sad state as post covid lockdown I was really excited for the season and getting back to watching them.
  5. Agreed but that didn't start well and I fear we wouldn't quite enjoy it so much if it happens.
  6. Let's hope for only 3 mins added then!
  7. The strange thing would be though that still being as bought they would have "shrunk" in that period.
  8. Albania v Poland now into the 27th minute added time - what went on there? Edit : Finished at 29 minutes
  9. Thinking of going but not been since the days of Highfield Road. As it's an out of town ground how do people get there?
  10. Ha ha...I had a ticket for that but didn't go as was suffering from "man flu" - so glad when I saw the result.
  11. Call me old fashioned but there was no goal scoring opportunity in the offing - the ball was moving away from the penalty area but then it's 1-0. Just seems disproportionate punishment to me.
  12. Impressive - really looks like we are in good hands
  13. Drink.....up......thee....cider as it used to be sung slowly.
  14. I had been assuming we would be in the end terrace as previously.
  15. Ha .. no I just grunted when I thought they wanted a response
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