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  1. Disappointed with Norwich away being mid week - was really looking forward to a weekend away. Did that last time we played them, it's a lovely place.
  2. You would like this one then:
  3. I remember the Volley as a youth with a number of different bars on different floors which I liked. When my daughter was at UWE I took her and was disappointed to see what had become of it. @exAtyeoMax I agree about London there are a lot of nice old pubs. One I have been meaning to visit is The Blackfriar (unsurprisingly at Blackfriars!) - have you been?
  4. If they are going to Parson Street probably something like this:
  5. I paid £2 (well actually £1.99) a litre for diesel at Reading services a month ago. Was fuming about that as it was about 25p a litre more than the local price at the time.
  6. Just switched channels and all I can see is a Germany against Italy match.
  7. Wholly agree - to me it's not Bristol City and a no. Following on from a pseudo Middlesbrough shirt a few seasons ago can we not get a consistent identity.
  8. Never been there. My old dad used to use Severn Beach as a bit of a joke as a place not worth visiting. Have I missed anything?
  9. Some time in 1968 no idea of the game, so that makes it 55 years.
  10. I did build a shed the last few days. Not that big just man cave size!
  11. My daughters UWE graduation on 12th May. Before that the Hull game.
  12. The lads did well. I don't understand what all the whining has been about all season I'll try and make more effort next season.
  13. Alright don't get a cob on
  14. I am coming to AG on Saturday for my first (and last!) home game of the season. Saw the rewards reminder and thought I'd have a browse on Saturday - only to see the date. What's that all about.
  15. I used to dread that table as everyone who was waiting for a table would sit around it on those plastic seats watching my pathetic attempts at snooker
  16. That was exactly what I said to Mrs RR. It was a difficult choice as I wanted Palace to beat Chelsea but working in South London I don't particularly like them
  17. You used to enter through a small smoked filled room where a group of older blokes would be playing cards. There was a character who would occasionally appear whilst you were playing and in true Del Boy style place a suitcase on the table, open it and ask if you wanted anything inside.
  18. Used to play as a lad at the old Paragon snooker hall above a shop on North Street. That had some characters. Don't have time to get invested in the whole world championship but get more involved as the final approaches usually on the May bank holiday.
  19. Well.........I'm going to my first match at AG since covid...so a win against Hull would be much appreciated lads.
  20. Are they now sending out tickets by post again?
  21. Taking this onto Norse mythology then Scunthorpe.............there may be another name in their though Also Brentford
  22. Crewe Alexandra And of course for our Korean following....Queens Park Rangers
  23. Does anyone know how frequently roof installed solar panels should be cleaned? I have been thinking about solar panels but we have a large oak tree nearby which drops large amounts of honey dew (sticky stuff) during early summer. If I need to get someone in to clean them every year then the cost/benefit ratio becomes much less attractive.
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