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  1. Coming for us. Maybe start with Cheltenham first lads then see how you go.
  2. At this point I’m expecting us to keep King for another year. With HNM likely off, and Williams injury problems, it leaves us short in the middle. My guess would be he’s not on a big wage given his previous injury problems and he’s a City fan and settled in the area so would probably accept less playing time. If we are planning on recruiting younger less experienced players then someone like King is good to have around. Unless there’s another free agent out there NP has his eye on.
  3. Nice to see a more reasoned response on here. Social media was awash with ‘we’ll regret this madness’ doom and gloom. Which we might well do! He obviously knows where the net is given his scoring record but if he’s not in NPs plans then the right thing to do is give the lad a chance at a career. It could come back and bite us, or he might fall into the Marvin Brown/Tristan Plummer group where there was a lot of hype but never quite hit the heights expected. Good luck to him (unless he signs for Rovers obviously)
  4. I did actually buy a club beach towel from the shop on Saturday. This was about 12.30 and there were only 2 left so they possibly went quickly too. To echo previous points, a lack of imagination blights our shop, it wouldn’t be difficult to get some feedback on this, let’s be honest this thread alone should be a goldmine for them. Moving merchandise around on a match day depending on who is using the stadium shouldn’t be too difficult either. The other thing i miss is the end of season discounts. The club have obviously made the decision that it’s better to sell out of some shirts by Christmas and not restock than have enough to go to the end of the season and sell them off for 15/20 quid like they used to. Always a good chance to buy a shirt for the nephew for cheap for the summer.
  5. I’d be disappointed with anything less than 20m for Scott. To play as many games as he has in the Championship at his age is no small achievement. Regular at England U19 level as well. Has got plenty of time on his contract and will win young player of the year. Time to see if Gould can match the only thing Ashton seems to have been any good at - getting top dollar for our players.
  6. Fair play. A good decision made by the club there
  7. I mean it’s a bit poor isn’t it. They know a fair few people would use their reward balances at the ground on Saturday, so they end it the day before. It’s literally deliberately done to make it inconvenient for people to spend their reward balances
  8. Dredd


    He’s been around when we were challenging for the playoffs and he was just as grating imo
  9. Been a very noticeable change in tactic with regards to academy players since LJ left. It’s gone from out on loan at any sniff of ability to keeping around the first team and getting game time
  10. I look forward to them swapping places with Norwich again next year
  11. Stats aside, SOD and McInnes had us playing some terrible football. It’s not that bad, yet.
  12. Dredd

    Matt James

    First off, I’m not for one second pointing fingers at him for the way this season has gone. But… As steady as he is in the middle, I don’t see him impact a game. He isn’t massively creative, he doesn’t break up play, I’ve never seen him control a game, he doesn’t dictate the tempo, I just genuinely couldn’t describe him as a midfielder if someone asked me to. I would guess he’s on a decent wage so are we saying he’s been a successful signing or not?
  13. Loooked round for his team mates….who were all back on the halfway line. Idiot
  14. Sounds like Marvs trying to get some votes ahead of next month. No problem with a match day parking scheme if the council provide an alternative for fans coming from across the city. Get on your bikes or take 2/3 buses isn’t really an option for a lot of fans
  15. I’m happy to swallow the extra tenner on ticket price, but it’s the inevitable food and drink increases that will make it a more expensive day out
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