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  1. Dredd


    The fact that there were several people agreeing with the thread shows several people are not fully convinced. And you can make the same comment about consistency that others have but he doesn’t have consistency, and that’s the point. It wasn’t an overreaction to a mistake, it was a post in response to another mistake that cost us points. I also watched both games and already said that yesterday DB kept us in the game, I’m happy enough to admit when he has a great game as well as when he doesn’t. And get off your high horse telling people to stop watching football. Football is about opinions. Get back in your box.
  2. Dredd


    In the interest of fairness, Bentleys made a stunning save to keep us in it at 1-1 which has allowed us to win that. Well played DB
  3. Dredd


    Agree with the David James comparison. He has a mistake in him which unfortunately as a goalkeeper will inevitably cost us points. We don’t as a team score enough goals for that to not be an issue. If he makes a mistake at 2-0 or 3-1 then it’s not such a big deal but we are dealing with fine margins at the moment. All of our games have been won or lost by the single goal
  4. Dredd


    I disagree entirely. Bentley is not too good for us, he is being questioned by a section of the fan base. We do have a team of good Championship players, on paper.
  5. I’m so so tired of rebuilding. We’ve been doing it since the season Flint Bryan and Reid were sold. It’ll mean HNM will have to be off to fund it, maybe a couple of the youngsters, maybe Semenyo, when these are the players we should be building around. I just don’t see where the funds come from for a rebuild, unless it’s going to be freebies and promotion within.
  6. Dredd


    I’m not asking anyone to be perfect, if they were they wouldn’t be playing for us. I just have a different opinion, I don’t think he is consistent enough and is far more error prone than our previous keepers. Yes he makes saves than Maennpa and Fielding could never, but i believe has cost us more goals. Don’t forget the Brentford fans reactions when we signed him. There are much bigger fish to fry when it comes the replacements being required in the team so I’m not expecting him to be shipped out any time soon.
  7. Dredd


    I’m almost scared to write this post as I’m sure some reactions are going to be very different, but; is anyone else still not convinced on him? We saw both sides of Bentley tonight, first pushing a routine long ranger back down the middle of the goal where a Luton player somehow had a swing and a miss at it, then two minutes later making a fantastic reaction save, followed by the error for the goal. Some will say he saves us more points than he costs us but I don’t believe that’s true. Give me a Maennpa type steady keeper every day of the week.
  8. I feel like we played tonight like we had a 6 ft 5 striker up front, you know like the one that NP wanted in the summer. Cross into the box at every opportunity, very little playing through the middle, lump it up to Martin if in doubt. I don’t remember any clear cut chances created with the ball on the deck
  9. I wish we had tried anything other than putting every throw (and most corners) right on the keeper
  10. A free really is a kick in the teeth. I take the point that he’s going to be free in 12 months and wants out, but if Pisa wanted him then we should have got a few quid for him, even to say to Pisa ‘you can have him now for a fee or battle for his signature next summer when he’s out of contract and there will be other interest.’ Gieffer, Marinovic, Diony, Garita…. The only success stories have been Kodjia (scored goals, sold for huge profit), and to a lesser extent Fam (scored goals but let him go on a free), and Eliasson (first team player but sold below value IMO)
  11. Simpson appears to be the better option of the two, but the RB position is our weakest area of the pitch. IMO I don’t think Vyner is a RB, but he isn’t going to get in at CB unless Kalas and Baker get hit by the same bus (note I would also feel sorry for the bus). I think our only chance of getting a RB in before the window shuts is if we get a reasonable sum for Nagy, Brownhill gets a move to Leeds enabling us to get a sell on, Nige gets the striker he seems to want, maybe even another wide forward, and there’s money left over. In that order. Very unlikely anything changes in that position until Jan unfortunately IMO
  12. Millen said on the OSIB podcast (great listen btw, check it out) that if anyone chipped James in training he would petulantly launch the balls into the trees around the training ground in anger
  13. Already changing my mind. RB is a problem
  14. I think he’s played there for us before, but I’m not sure RB is the problem area (not yet anyway). I do think he offers better cover for Vyner than Baker does, being a right footer helps in that regard.
  15. I actually think tonight’s game is more important than a 3rd game of the season affair. Since NP has come in, results have been poor. There’s many reasons for that, most of which were outside of Pearson’s control, but the fact remains that this was a team that was used to losing, and usually without much fight. We should have beaten Blackpool and FGR, Boro was always going to be tough but I think it’s really important we get a win under our belts and get going under Pearson. Winning breeds confidence and I think the squad is short on that at the moment. So let’s get some momentum, no going down without a fight, and have a bit of belief. Reading have scored a 4 in their first two league games so have a goal in them, but have let in 4 as well. We need to be solid at the back (bring in Kalas for me) and Wells up top. I don’t care if he plays in one of those wide forward positions as he makes the right moves into the box and is out most natural goal scorer.
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