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  1. Maybe. I wouldn’t discount it. maybe COVID is the excuse to promote within. Who knows.
  2. I wouldn’t be looking for a refund on the basis of manager. If that was the case I wouldn’t have signed up for next season with LJ in charge. However the club needs to think very hard about what they offer for COVID refunds. A lot of good will has been lost
  3. The delay now has to be the club waiting for Holden to get back off holiday to announce him right? Given the uproar this week if it was someone else they would have just announced it surely
  4. Despite the outcry I don’t think I’ve really seen anyone having a pop at Dean. He did what we would all do, went for a promotion. On one hand it’s up to him to make a success of it, but the blame won’t just lie with him if it goes wrong.
  5. Let’s be honest, the meltdown here is completely the clubs own making. If they wanted Holden, they should have done it straight away. Sure there would have been some ‘cheap option’ comments but maybe more understandable based on COVID, but to take 5 weeks of radio silence with people getting more annoyed with being linked with quality managers only to end up with the assistant manager of a failed (already criticised) team, has lit the fire. I would expect the club to now move quickly to confirm whoever is going to be in charge even just to quieten down Jon Lansdowns twitter notifications
  6. Let’s be honest the club have gone beyond giving a sh1t what we think as supporters. From bumping up prices in the Lansdown to sell premium seats and moving out the families, to a lack of consultation on the new crest, and the abomination of a 125 kit, to hiding away the refund option in the small print after the ground was closed. Very grateful for the Lansdown family money but it’s definitely customers not fans now.
  7. I guess the sticking point is the FA continuing to lift the blackout of the live coverage of 3pm games. If they do then I’m sure this is in the pipeline. I’m sure this will happen to create revenue for clubs or there will be many go under
  8. Maybe Tins had the same reaction as everyone else who read that tweet?
  9. Would be nice if the FA decided to schedule the longer trips at the start of the season in the hope that when (if) fans are back later in the year there’s less travelling to be done. That’s probably a bit forward thinking for the FA though
  10. It’s ok. I don’t dislike it
  11. Another nice Hummel shirt. Not seen one I dislike yet
  12. I think everyone wants to watch every game. Nobody is of the opinion they are going to get that at the moment. That doesn’t mean the club can’t make a fair decision and communicate it quickly, unlike the situation recently where we were the one of, if not the last clubs in the Championship to communicate to fans. And even the communication was ‘missing the love’ as JL said himself.
  13. I think there will be enough demand for tickets that if anyone can’t go their ticket will be able to be sold back to the club to be subsequently sold on. It’s a bit of a different situation to the end of this season where nobody could go and the club would lose out on money. I mean that’s the most sensible option, whether the club will go for that....
  14. He might end up sat in the Atyeo. Not everyone’s gonna be where they want to sit
  15. I think rotation is the fairest way as well if we are on that kind of figure.
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