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  1. On BT Sport as well if you want English commentary!
  2. It’s Sarries Big game called ‘the Showdown’ that’s basically an opportunity for them to play in a bigger stadium once a year. Bath and Quins do similar and Newcastle have done it in the past as well iirc
  3. There’s actually 6 available on the website so if you’re quick you may be able to get one of them
  4. So therefore taking the knee shouldn’t be ‘banned’ as @Alan Dicks suggested
  5. Is that the point of it though? Isnt this more a stand of solidarity against racism, saying that the vast majority of us find it unacceptable and we’re going to take a united stand to highlight that. That may not lead to anybody who is racist turning away from that, but it shows that the vast majority of us are united against it, which is surely an important message to send out in a time where so many are divided against eachother?
  6. Why do you believe people shouldn't have the opportunity to show their support for the fight against racism? Genuinely intrigued
  7. Don't think it can be any more, if the player is making a valid attempt for the ball then it's only a yellow. Either way, it's about as clear cut as they get, we had enough chances to get something from the game off our own accord but it never helps when referees miss obvious penalties...
  8. Makes sense for their winner to come from the ref missing a clear handball. Can't remember seeing a referee make so many awful decisions
  9. Isn't it a yellow for inciting the fans? Austin has made himself look like a right ***** there
  10. My 18th birthday, not a bad night all in all!! If you’d have asked any of us where we would be in 4 years time after that night I doubt any of us would have said we’d have regressed in the way we have. Let’s hope for more nights like that in the next few years with Pearson at the helm
  11. Are you really trying to defend this? I get people are frustrated by the current situation and sometimes frustrations boil over. But it’s never acceptable to throw things at a fellow human being, who knows what sort of damage something could cause, anybody with half a brain knows that. The same goes for the 10 year old kid, they’re old enough to know better and shouldn’t be treated leniently just because of their age imo
  12. If people are being selfish and breaking the rules then that’s what they’re doing. Nobody is being an idiot by point that out because it’s a fact. Aren’t you also being a hypocrite here by calling others out for being hypocrites for doing something you’ve done? Not the best look
  13. Just because most haven’t fully stuck to the rules at all that doesn’t make the selfishness of people who refuse to wear masks for no rational reason fine. I presume at one stage in your life you’ve broken the law, do you therefore not criticise anyone else who does because that would therefore make you a hypocrite?
  14. Not in 2014/15? For the vast majority of matches then it was a question of how many would we win by, the win seemed guaranteed most weeks
  15. First win since the US Open for Emma today v Hercog. Only saw the first couple of sets but she looked mixed, at times excellent and at other times she was over hitting too much and going for shots that weren’t on. She has what looks to be a comfortable draw before what could be a huge match v Halep in the semis
  16. Just highlights how lucky we've been with those 3 over the past 15 years. To be able to dominate in the way they have for so long is incredible and I'm not sure we'll see it again for a long time. I can see the men's game going a similar way to where the women's (Serena aside) has gone over the last decade. The same names being around the top 20 but nobody being able to dominate and the odd weird GS winner. From a brit perspective, the main contenders in the long run I would say are Draper and Pinnington-Jones, both of whom have had good junior careers. Really liked the look of Anton Matusevich as well earlier this summer, so he's one to look out for.
  17. What has happened to British tennis these last couple of months?!? Incredible achievement for norrie last night, from 74th in the world at the start of the year to 16th and a Masters 1000 champion 10 months later. For someone with no big weapons, he's done incredibly well to get to where he's at, and is only a couple more good runs away from a spot in the tour finals in turin, which would be astonishing. Great to see raducanu and norrie showing that British tennis is in safe hands post Murray
  18. Yep, Pearson can only work with what he’s got, however you expect us to at least try and make things difficult for the opposition, no matter how good they are. At the end of the day, we’re both in the same league, so it was disappointing that we gave them so much respect today and let them play through us. No matter how small your budget is, any manager should be able to make their players play like they want it, we certainly didn’t look like we wanted it today. I’m not comparing Johnson with Pearson, there’s little point in doing that. However, today was hardly a massive step up to what we’ve seen in the past few years. Other performances may well have been better, but today was dire, to put it lightly. I don’t think we can just ignore the home form either, despite the good away results. The season as a whole has been fine, but 16 home matches without a win is terrible. Hopefully that’ll change soon, but we can’t just brush it under the carpet
  19. Was my first game since pre lockdown today, so I'm not in the best position to comment on how things have been thus far this season. However, today was no different to anything I saw under LJ. Yes, Bournemouth were excellent and of course they are financially in a different league to us. But I would have liked to have seen some fight or passion today, none of that was on show however. Looking at results and reading stuff on here there are obviously improvements, however that's 16 home matches without a win, that's abysmal and if LJ had gone through a run like that this place would be rioting. We can't take much from a game v a side like Bournemouth, however the main positive today was that they took their foot off the accelerator which stopped it from being 3 or 4. The minimum that a team should give is effort, and that wasn't there today. This sounds like a one off, but it's still very disappointing.
  20. JBFC II


    Was our only real attacking threat in the first half, which isn't saying much admittedly. Did more offensively than either weimann or Wells, despite playing only 45 minutes, but his scapegoat status doesn't help him
  21. Sadly working 6 evenings a week has made that tough. Last competitive game I watched on telly was the 3-0 win at Middlesbrough last season iirc. Definitely heard positive signs reading here and watching highlights etc, so looking forward to seeing it in person today
  22. First game for me since Fulham pre lockdown, very much looking forward to seeing what’s changed under Pearson. Tough one against a good Bournemouth side, but just want to see some fight and passion that was missing for a while. COYR!!
  23. So you think 47 league clubs would sell 1800 for a midweek game 5 hours away? I'm not sure tbh, I think you overestimate other sides support there. I'm not sure our away support is as bad as you claim either. We'll average over 1100 this season again, most likely, despite being one of the most geographically challenged clubs in the league. We aren't a big club, nobody is claiming that, so I would say that is a pretty OK average following, certainly not a bad one for the size of our club
  24. Presuming you mean league clubs in this, I would argue that 47 of the football league clubs (over 50%, therefore 'most') wouldn't sell out a 10 hour round trip on a weeknight, even if it was a game where their club could clinch promotion. Not saying our away support is good, we all know that North of Birmingham we often struggle to take decent numbers, but I'm not sure you can use a 10 hour round trip on a weeknight, where we still took 900, as a barometer by which to measure it
  25. It’s a much tougher game when your the one with a target on your back. Looking at the stats, her unforced error count was massive and her 1st/2nd serve points won numbers were really low, you can’t win against anyone playing with those numbers. Just hope people have a sense of realism and don’t start jumping on her back because of one loss
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