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  1. Average prices for the premiership now, in fact they're quite cheap compared to most clubs, massively pricing out regular rugby fans sadly. They are seeing fast though, South stand almost sold out and the Atyeo has been opened. Does make a season ticket look outstanding value for money
  2. Kane we have, v Millwall in 2011. Leaves Rice as the only certain one
  3. That's sweet, one of our biggest appointments in many years and I'm the first person you think of... As much as I wanted Holden to succeed, and as much as I thought some of the vitorol towards him was unsubstantiated, this is a huge step in the right direction. An excellent appointment that shows that we are looking to move upwards
  4. Because we’d have appointed the 2nd best coach in women’s football? She’s incredibly highly thought of in the women’s game so I see no reason why she wouldn’t be able to be successful in the mens, not that she would come here anyway considering the position she’s in with Chelsea
  5. Team for Sunday With this unavailable list Bryan Byrne, Harry Thacker, Kyle Sinckler, Max Lahiff, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Joe Joyce, Ben Earl, James Dun, Nathan Hughes, , Harry Randall, Chris Cook, Max Malins, Semi Radradra, Siale Piutau, Henry Purdy That’s nearly a very decent side in itself!
  6. His wage bill was large, but we can agree that Cotts had a larger one, much like LJ did compared to Cotts. That’s football. SOD was allowed to bring in loan players, correct, however can we really say they improved the side in the same way Cotts loanees did? The introduction of those loanees changed our season in many respects, SOD had to strip back the squad, Cotts was allowed to invest in it. Johnson made 36 permanent signings. We could go through them all and work out which ones worked and which didn’t, but that’s been done multiple times already. His recruitment wasn’t perfect (like every manager in history) but even the (relatively) cheap dud signings can be cancelled out by the profits he made on others. Thanks for your comments at the end, no need for them, you’re a better poster than that. Leave the cheap jibes for other posters! Cool, you’re more than welcome to become the first person to block me! And no I’m not, funny how that’s the automatic thing people say about posters who aren’t totally anti him isn’t it
  7. It’s not though is it. He had more money than any manager in our history, look at the wage budget, look at the money spent on players coming in. We’d rarely been able to spend that sort of money. The signing of Akinbyi was a major one for the club, but parallels are there with kodjia. Thorpe and Anderson were financed by the sales of Barnard and goater the summer before, much like how the transfer window in 2014/15 ended up being financed by the late sale of Baldock A simple question if you don’t believe Cotts had more money to spend than any other manager before him. What other manager was able to spend over £2 million quid on a striker (even allowing for inflation) in our history?
  8. Very one eyed view of looking at things. Baldock was sold after we’d made all our signings, and even if we’d planned our signings around his sale then surely we should say the same about Johnson’s signings, which came off the back of major sales? Its very easy to give Johnson 0 credit for the development of Bryan, Reid, Webster, Brownhill, Kelly etc but if you’re going to do that then you can’t really get involved in a discussion over LJ as it shows an agenda that’s not really worth arguing over
  9. Did Cotts have a similar budget to SOD? SOD had to sell and release a lot of big earners in order to get money in to build the club. He wasn’t provided the finances Cotts had in league one to build a side that would go on to win the title. Cotts was able to make a £2 million record signing (at the time), a luxury that no other manager had had in our history. That’s what I would describe as unparalleled spending power. When SOD left, Cotts was able to bring in 4 loanees who helped the club to survival. I’ve seen a few posters point out the exact same thing happening with LJ, so surely we can use the same line of argument for Cotts when compared to SOD? The stats are interesting, and the wage budget does say a lot. But that all came from a shift in direction under Johnson. We started to bring in younger players, develop them and sell them off for massive profits. This in turn allows for a larger wage budget as the transfer profits grew massively. Additionally, I’m sure if you compared the wage bill of the majority of clubs from 2015-19 you’d see a big increase in wages. That’s not something that is solely to do with Johnson, it’s something that happened in the world of football. Cotts recruited very efficiently, I agree, but he was provided with the means to do so. No manager in our history had the sort of money he had to spend, especially at league one level. My point really is that if we’re going to use the ‘no manager in the history of the club had the money to spend that he had’ stick to beat LJ with. Why is Cotts exempt from that? Considering he also had more money to spend than any manager in our history, whilst breaking our transfer record and coming close to smashing even our present one in the summer of 2015. Yes he was treated unfairly in some ways, but he certainly had the biggest budget of any manager in our history
  10. You don’t need to look at the figures. Cotterill brought in Wilbraham, Agard, Moore, Martin Paterson, Wade Elliott, Little, Freeman, Smith, Tavernier, Matt Smith, Saville and Todd Kane. They’re all very good players at league one level. It’s hardly as tho Cotts was given no budget then was it? Johnson built a team in 2017, but they were torn apart because we had to sell to make ends meet. Johnson also built a squad with depth, something we didn’t have in the first half of that 15/16 season
  11. He had the finances to make a star studded league one side. Baldock was sold very close to deadline day iirc, we’d already spent a fair whack on some very good players before he left, so you can’t really use that as an excuse. If you were, you should then use that as the excuse for Johnson’s spending as well surely? Look at what O’Driscoll had to work with, and then what Cotts had to work with. Was that fair?
  12. To be fair, nobody in our history had had the spending power Cotts had with us. We could use the spending argument with Cotts and O’Driscoll as well. Footballs changed massively over the last 5 years, with transfer fees rising massively. That increase coincided with LJs reign, it’s not really a stick to beat him with
  13. Got to be honest, my memory of the first half of the 2015/16 season is slightly different to that
  14. He lasted so long because we continued to improve under his management. He took a relegation threatened side, that may well have gone down that season under Cotts, to a side on the cusp of the play offs. Nothing to do with his phrases or Brentisms
  15. Understandably so, he thought he was prime Henson for a second, silly thing to do with the match at stake. Highlights though how badly Ireland need someone to step into Sextons boots, he’s 36 and a shadow of the player he was 3 years ago, yet he still gets in at 10 due to the lack of quality outside of him
  16. Very lucky from Wales, no idea what Davies is thinking kicking it away, lucky for them that Billy Burns went for it when he clearly shouldn’t have. Thought Sheedy did well in his cameo, a couple of good tackles and a superb clearance kick to relive some pressure. Scotland will be licking their lips though at that match up next week
  17. Pat Lam is reportedly the best paid club manager in the world on 800k a year. The average managers salary in the championship is 878k a year (as of last April). You really can’t compare the two
  18. What an awful 3 matches so far this weekend. England today just highlighted the problems they have. Picking out of form players, or players who haven’t played in months and asking them to kick the ball away whenever they get it. We have the largest pool of players in the world, some of whom are playing excellently at club level, and that was the best Eddie can come up with? Embarrassing
  19. Sale were excellent tonight, physicality top notch and they won the majority of collisions. Positives for us were the scrum and Afoa, who was excellent. That point means we'll still be top by Sunday afternoon, not going to complain about that!
  20. Sale doing lots of sale things in that half, not pretty but they’re annoyingly effective. Think we should have gone for the 3 at the end, this ones going to be very tight so every point counts. Hopefully as the game goes on a little their high intensity leaves a few holes for us to exploit
  21. Just the 5 Bristol players up for player of the month, who to pick from this lot!
  22. 4 players short of a top premiership team there. Our first choice 23 would be seriously impressive if everyone was fit
  23. No radradra or morahan (rested I’d imagine). With a fair few missing, this will be a tough one. Wouldn’t be surprised to see our home run end, still confident of the win though
  24. There are, but I can't risk streaming games on my work computer, so sadly I'm stuck with the radio. Was anything I said incorrect or not accurate though?
  25. Sorry, didn't realise only sky sports customers were allowed to comment... Even on the radio, you can, through the analysis of Gary owers mainly, understand that we were much better than Saturday
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