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  1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth I guess..
  2. Hi all. Where’s best tomorrow to drink? I heard the Vine is good but can get busy. Anyone heading to Birmingham/New Street?
  3. One Adult ticket for tomorrow for sale as no longer going. Appreciate there's been another thread but trying to get rid. Will sell for £15. Can meet outside the ground.
  4. There is a few, but not many. Man United namely with the Ole song.
  5. I'm not doubting that, however with SUFC basically having a massive pool of money being given to them for a keeper that is no better at this time than Bents, why wouldn't they go for him in a bid to get back to the top flight?
  6. Evening all, Ramsdale going to Arsenal for 20m plus by the looks of it (madness)! After watching the Sheff U v WBA game and seeing the clanger that Verrips in goal for SUFC has just dropped, do you think there's any chance that United will be sniffing around the Championship for a first team GK, namely Dan Bentley? Surely we wouldn't reject 7-10m for Bents, even though I'd love us to. Thoughts?
  7. For me if you have a player like Rooney he has to play as a 10. Why have him dictating the play from an 8 position when you could have him in that hole further up the pitch pulling the strings? Also as an 8 he’s simply too old to keep tracking back so can be found out in that sense too. Oh well what do I know, eh?
  8. How many sold as of today, Jerry??
  9. Seen a bit on twitter today that’s Shepherds Bush is utter tosh for pubs... Wheres everyone going in terms of drinking tomorrow?
  10. Not fake. Genuinely was City. Arsenal media team have f’d up with timing it seems... sacked in the morning...
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