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  1. Kerching….. No stopping at any time with double yellow stripes.
  2. Sky main event are showing Florist v WRDC so we will be on the red button.
  3. Our defence yesterday was nothing short of comical ….
  4. Not seen that before …THAT is absolutely magnificent! ….love it! …Extraordinary!
  5. What is needed is a proper joined up railway from Portishead to BTM then on to the SB line with services via Henbury and Filton and back to BTM and Portishead….
  6. We need a manager with his tenacity and temperament, it’s good for the staff, players and fans alike ! …..
  7. Question it, make perfectly legitimate comments…..get fined …. but Hey ho !
  8. They don’t give a shit about all that , fact is the bloke was an absolute C*** on the day and gets away with being a C*** and no one is allowed to question it!!! …JOKE!
  9. Uncanny, just played it now …second track on The Man who sold the world …
  10. Hunky Dory also an epic album , as are they all in their own way ….
  11. Never had you down as a soft play fan …
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