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  1. 26 degrees and blue skies forecast for next Saturday….
  2. Great news Tom , hope you’re feeling better now?
  3. didn’t watch any of it on TV , only person to vaguely interest me was Macca . Didn’t have a clue who anyone else was to be honest.
  4. Never been a fan of Cricket but I thoroughly enjoyed that! ….brilliant stuff!
  5. Too windy and don’t need a bad neck ….
  6. He was alright until he went all lion king ….still like a bit of Elton Jones ….certainly wouldn’t pay over the odds to see him though , he’s more than made his money ….
  7. I’ve not been to the restaurant in Small St but have used their sister takeaway on Blackboy Hill and it’s been incredible each time .
  8. Urban Tandoor via Uber eats ….absolutely phenomenal!
  9. I like a bit of Elton Jones …
  10. Now you’re talking! ….I love that!
  11. Never been, never would ,unless it was a 5 star Motorhome I spose, like my home comforts too much . Each to their own though and if kipping in a field with thousands of strangers is your thing then great! Enjoy! Hope the weather is good .
  12. Me too …for about 38 years ….and I totally agree …
  13. A lovely guy and an all round good egg .
  14. Ah ok, not been for quite a while now so maybe I’ll give it another go. I also opted for my steak to be cooked as i wanted it right. The various butters were lovely as was the wine we had . Pasture is excellent though so it does have to go some to beat it . Watch this space .
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