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  1. Yes very good two part interview that, a year old and passed me by at the time but much more detail and varied music , thanks PSR .
  2. But they’re coming for us …..apparently!
  3. It’s all down to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine ….thought that was patently obvious oh and Brexit
  4. You make you’re own luck in this game , good win for Forest! ….
  5. Hope they win ….Moyes’ face is like a slapped ass at the moment….
  6. ‘On the front foot’ really annoys ….how many feet do they have? My cat has front feet , footballers don’t ….all this front foot back foot shit ….piss off!
  7. Never forget his outsized blazer he wore when he first walked out at AG ….miles too big ….funny the things you remember.
  8. Hahahahaha Manure getting a spanking…washed up hasbeens
  9. Gary Numan - Resurrection. New Documentary….9pm
  10. Good! My grass is like shredded wheat …
  11. You believe correctly, no trains on Saturday due to Grant Shapps
  12. Ohhhh gutted …so sad ….
  13. Loads of egg chasing played on it for the Commonwealth games and it’s basically turned it into a ploughed field ….
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