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  1. Mega hot conditions today, must have been tough to run about for 90 mins ..
  2. My first thought…….sick note ….
  3. A ball is a ball ....it’s round and full of wind....who cares who makes it it’ll still work .....
  4. Swansea were shite , well done to Brentford.
  5. That seems to work for me too but if you get quoted or get any kind of notification it won’t take you to it it’ll put you to page one and you have to then find your post! ...very annoying!
  6. Was hoping he’d stay, would’ve been great to see him in a NP team .
  7. Still have to scroll through to find post quotes or comments that are made once notifications are clicked on ...
  8. If he wanted to stay why did he swap his boots for concrete ones 5 months ago ? .....
  9. Had to wait for the VAR decision but top goal Joe.....banged one in at AG as well against Manure....love it!
  10. Just saw on local news that Fam was released after not wanting to sign a new contract......every cloud....
  11. Whichever way you look at it it’s pathetic! .....finishing 19th is a joke and far worse than my prediction of 12th back last September....thankfully this shitfest is now over ....
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