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  1. I’m a whisky drinker (single malts) but occasionally have a GnT …one of my favourites is Tanqueray No10 …
  2. Man walks into a bar with 44 magnum and shouts ‘who the **** shagged my wife?!’ …silence falls and a voice from the back of the bar says ‘ Mate, you haven’t got enough bullets’
  3. Oh absolutely, we’ll never forget you Pandora…..
  4. Ok , and the ‘offended by everything’s ‘ then ….
  5. It’s to appease the ‘offended by everything’s ‘ ….
  6. There’s a common thread here ….pies? … no pies on me !
  7. What’s Mike Dean got to do with all this? ….
  8. A skilled player when he put the effort in , but that was the problem.
  9. They are the gift that keeps on giving, week after week .
  10. Quite possibly…we seem to have more about us now, especially on the road . Need to get our home form sorted out though .
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