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  1. The Premier League announced they are to use software developed by Duckworth & Lewis To calculate final positions By their calculation , you needed to reach 41 points by now to avoid relegation Welcome back to the Championship
  2. Unfortunately his loan will expire at some point (June 1st at latest) At least we have an option to buy , but if this continues would have to do so without seeing him play another game
  3. But his loan will expire at some point (June 1st at latest)
  4. And considering our usual points gathering at this time of year , our points tally won’t suffer
  5. I fear that this crisis may run a long course yet and we’ve only seen the start of the disruption (Some posts early in this thread are priceless) As it stands, Start planning to aim to finish this season by The end of the year, or end of Dec - Breathing room , hopefully , maybe if season finished before Dec - Fill with compact FA Cup Jan - May 21 Each Division split into two halves , North & South (Game wise home & away = a half season ) Top two in each Premier League Group qualify for Champions League, and a Mega Play Off for the title Bottom two Clubs in each Premier League Group relegated Top Two in each Championship , and Divisional groups are promoted , Bottom two teams in each group relegated Sorted
  6. But your skills don’t include confidentiality about a an alleged personal (Medical / psychological) issue that you claim , but have have no proof of , and the sort of rumour that is potentially career damaging for a player ?
  7. I’d like to see you say that to Baker..... But you jellied in front of a 5’8 Gary Johnson so I guess you wouldn’t fancy it
  8. Think , in fairness, you need to bear in mind your proximity to the swamp
  9. Respect No doubt some on here will think ‘Wtf’ , but in your situation it must be extremely tough , and complicated Your family doing what’s best for another - Admire you
  10. Over 200 deaths in Italy so far But don’t listen to the authorities , ignore them and listen to the toy salesman from St George - he’s the expert
  11. Amazing it took you so long to have a nose womble Keyboard and armchair politician and expert , all from behind a keyboard
  12. Coming from someone who rarely goes to games , posts dribble about a whole host of subjects , as a second occupation ( and someone who thought Corbyn could win a General Election ) Priceless PS Did you go to Huddersfield .......it’s just that you havnt mentioned whether you were
  13. So insignificant we are budgeting £40 million to try and find a anti virus
  14. Barely a case ? Unsurprisingly we’ve had the largest jump in the number of cases reported in UK ’Only’ two fatalities to date There is a over reaction , but in the same way your post is arrogant and dismissive You may be more concerned, and not so arrogant if you had vulnerable children or elderly relatives or friends
  15. Back again so soon ? Thought Schools had lunchtime activities these days rather than let the kids spend their time on the Internet Country has gone to the dogs
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