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  1. An interesting thought PF Tbf to him he appears to be a modern thinking bloke, in life generally , and football , and certainly someone who enthuses about the technical aids - drones , his 5m square Interactive screen/tele Etc ( In fairness , a lot of coaches in the modern game are to varying degrees , and any coach / manager would be daft to not be aware of modern aids , and the all analysis software newly available etc , and what information it can provide. Id love to be a fly on wall to some of the numerous conversations and discussions he has with his Dad Id love to know what GJs advice to him is on various bits Of course none of us actually know , how much , Lee uses all the analysis thrown at him, and how much influence it has (I’d love to shadow him or anyone at this level, in the modern game , for a week) It’s great to educate and update yourself, but , I still come back to where Lees main football knowledge really lies , and that’s his hands on / live experience as a player , having been in a professional set up as a player & been coached , his whole life, and son of a manager in the game who has had a fair degree of success, and battles too, and then his own journey as a coach / manager , to date I still think I’d be encouraging him to rely on his eyes , his feel , and judgement without too many decisions being dictated by or influenced too heavily , from too much analysis, for example , unless on the odd occasion, it’s overwhelming evidence against what he (And to DH / JMc) sees or think he sees, himself.
  2. Thankyou Knighty , for taking the time to type & passing on your knowledge / understanding - Interesting A few q’s I’m interested by , if you know ...... Am I right , as you appear to indicate, there are additional analyst teams ? for Opponents In House analysis (Our performances etc) Can I also ask , out of interest , does the lad you know who you explain watches every game of a potential target , does he write a report after each game or just periodic input ? And , as far as you are aware , is his analysis more data & analysis based or his views and explanations ? Also , if you know , is one target assigned to one analyst to watch , or do they all watch a certain target / prospective target ? and finally ! How much weight is given to the view of analyst teams , do you have any impression(s) via your contact ? All Interesting / thought provoking
  3. How about the money he doesn’t spend on fees , agent fees and wages After arriving He signed Two players (Bamford an Douglas) for a total of just over £ 10 million and recouped most of tha5 by offloading Viereia for £6.5 milion This season / last summer he hasnt made one purchase , sold players for £27+ million , and then works with what he has left with five loanees
  4. I just saw that and laughed China If it’s good enough for Klopp Why should I question #BOBISADINOSAUR
  5. It was bad luck though......... On a serious note I only thought the other day , if there was any upside to it was the additional time he spent at home with his family due to the injury ....at that point in his life..... You have to wonder about fate sometimes.....
  6. It’s strange isn’t it From a man who built a multi billion business I bet he would have recruited and headhunted the best he could whilst at the helm at L&H Maybe he didn’t .........and backed up and coming .....promising......and that’s the reason for his mindset ?
  7. Thankyou , that’s really interesting Hmmmmmm Maybe I’m a dinosaur , times move on , and everything has a place and some use ...but ......hmmmmm As I said earlier Lees strengths will lie in his lifetime and experience in football , his open mind to new ideas good but if I was his mate I’d recommend him to put a lot to the side for a bit (He does seem to love the thought of small margins and his toys !) and use his football experience and gut more
  8. Somebody else with better modern knowledge will help with the content Max but see my post above regarding the size of the pack he gets ! What he does with it , again I can’t specifically answer but he stated he did go through it I would anticipate analysts of our performances would also produce clips for Lee to look at , use in coaching / De briefs or send to players on their I Pads to look at Again some focused players may ask them , or question aspects with them , to look at their own performances
  9. A whole empire !! When did football become so complicated ! Too much data confusing the mind IMHO I remember Lee describing the pack he receives on a Monday re Saturdays game and described it as inches thick Going to sound a dinosaur , but Not sure that’s helpful You saw the game Lee, you lived it , watch it again quietly on your own , and then again maybe with JMc & Dh all together, then check any odd stats or bits you want to check Lee is a football man , he’s grown up with it from day one through his Dad and then his own journey from Arsenal onwards and into management , been around the game all his life , when the recruitment team was Archie in his Ford Cortina Hes trying to be modern and keep up with all the new ideas but I’d bet a fair few quid he would actually be happier , and more successful if he relied on his instincts and football gut
  10. Interesting debate / conv this And a key issue / subject IMHO So ......where do the cracks emanate from Harry in your opinion ? Quality of recruitment team or The understanding of Lee by analyst team not in sync Something is hindering any hint smooth progress under LJ and thus the spotlight naturally falls on him If its recruitment more than any coaching or man management issues (And I have to say I have doubts in both to some degrees) he needs to sort it out pronto or it will cost him
  11. I think I’m right Max that there’s towards double figures at least , unless it’s recently been trimmed or expanded They of course are split into recruitment analysis / opponents analysis / our performances analyst etc Im pretty certain we have a head of data analysts (Or similar wording) as a specific role
  12. a better question that !! And ! are they providing opinions and what they see as important to LJ or Does LJ (via Dh) only ask them simple answers to a specific question on occasions , and nearly always for confirmation of what he thinks he’s seeing from pitchside IMHO Dave , anything outside that doesn’t sit right with me Be interesting to know how many of the analysts have and do watch LJ when he’s coaching or his pre match briefs and pre match talk , to get to understand him I reckon @Knighty is our man
  13. He’s one of those half n half scarf Bristolians Sorry ...... it’s actually more complicated than that ........he’s had to have a custom one, a thirds scarf Liverpool / Rovers / City
  14. Also @Harry and you or a couple of notable others on here may have a good idea / answer to this How well do the analysts & recruitment team know and understand Lee ? I’d be intrigued to know the quality / background of the analysts , ability to data crunch & statistical analysis is one thing - an ‘understanding’ and ‘ eye for a player’ another and the analysts need to understand Lee and exactly what he wants Whoever I was working for , whether doing opponents or player reports , I saw myself as his eyes, whatever beliefs I had & at every opportunity I would question Whoever I was working for how he was looking to play , what he saw as his sides strengths and weaknesses and, etc etc what he looked for in a player Would be interesting to know how much the recruitment team know Lee and in what depth , what he wants , is looking for etc
  15. Ta for the reply Weve probably done this to death now ! (For now ! :laugh:) Would I reccomend a player on stats and video clips - no of course not (As a scout I probably wouldn’t look at stats at all ) More importantly , As a head coach would I sign a player based predominantly stats and video clips - Absolutely no chance Id want to have seen him live on a fair few occasions , and at bare minimum , live / ‘eyes on’ plenty of recent full games he’s played in on ‘tape’ So coming onto your point below ‘ Re your Nagy comment / example. I’m not saying LJ didn’t watch him. He might have done. But he certainly wouldn’t have watched him enough times to fully understand his strengths and weaknesses and how he could translate him into his team. This signing would’ve come from an agent recommendation, put through the analytics, presented to LJ, who would’ve run through the player analysis on wyscout and maybe he might’ve had a chance to get eyes on once. ‘ if he wasn’t satisfied with the amount he’s seen , to be confident in what he’s getting , he shouldn’t be signing him IMHO (In a similar way to @Davefevs ‘grow some ******’ posts) The main man I worked for said , as a manager ‘ you are only as good as the players you sign ‘ and there is a large basis truth in that IMHO, although getting the best out of them is the second part and something he was actually excellent at. I do think recruitment is paramount and the lifeblood for any success so If you are correct in your explanations , I would reccomend to Lee he spends less time on the training pitch and leave that to JMc & DH at times , and balance more time into recruitment or make a very strong request to SL that he is allowed to employ a ‘eyes on’ stand in / Scout , that he trusts , knows , who knows Lee and what Lee wants . There is no great evidence of a side incessantly drilled on the training ground so time in good recruitment may prove fruitful
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