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  1. Excellent, and good idea Hopefully you can also scrape together a Fiver to support the forum you are using Still amazes me how many regular posters continue to avoid doing so
  2. The Premier League announced they are to use software developed by Duckworth & Lewis To calculate final positions By their calculation , you needed to reach 41 points by now to avoid relegation Welcome back to the Championship
  3. Our Lee is pleased that this can be added to the Series of ‘This seasons Problems’ Books ’How Coronavirus and lack of match sharpness prevented us getting automatic promotion ‘
  4. Well , as Lee claims it needs a whole host of coaching sessions and work on the training ground for players to understand his philosophy and way of playing...... Fill your boots Lee...........
  5. Unfortunately his loan will expire at some point (June 1st at latest) At least we have an option to buy , but if this continues would have to do so without seeing him play another game
  6. But his loan will expire at some point (June 1st at latest)
  7. And considering our usual points gathering at this time of year , our points tally won’t suffer
  8. I fear that this crisis may run a long course yet and we’ve only seen the start of the disruption (Some posts early in this thread are priceless) As it stands, Start planning to aim to finish this season by The end of the year, or end of Dec - Breathing room , hopefully , maybe if season finished before Dec - Fill with compact FA Cup Jan - May 21 Each Division split into two halves , North & South (Game wise home & away = a half season ) Top two in each Premier League Group qualify for Champions League, and a Mega Play Off for the title Bottom two Clubs in each Premier League Group relegated Top Two in each Championship , and Divisional groups are promoted , Bottom two teams in each group relegated Sorted
  9. Why don’t you do us all a favour and **** off , .......permanently Sad Sag Manipulator
  10. Always somebody who posts on so many threads just to wind others up , and draw attention Uncanny how often it’s the same poster time and time again #Cockwomble
  11. Thanks for posting @Davefevs Wow Take a bow young man , .......18 ! Very good footballer and incredibly sensible and mature Most English footballers couldn’t articulate as well , let alone at 18 All in a foreign language Seems like a level heade / feet on the ground tremendous lad Lets hope we have the benefit of him for a few years
  12. For the ones that couldn’t make it - You actually saw more than we did at the game ! And The families were probably the families of Gerry Gow and Billy Wedlock who were meant to be present
  13. ( It looks like we may have had him at his best) but it shows ,in Aden Flint , despite him apparently just being a ‘Kick it Head it merchant’ actually , for any imperfections , and the pluses He wasn’t that bad
  14. I agree , but aside from the shambles yesterday I would like to see them to have a Guest Of the day (Ex Great) And give them an individual 5 min or so slot before the game Too many to ever get through , but ....we could at least start
  15. Ahhh I’m going back a few years before (Boyd prob not manager then ) Tony Clausen Possibly
  16. Tony....???? Played up front and scored buckets and buckets of goals IIRC Saw quite a bit of them as a little nipper
  17. Didn’t he manage at Minehead ? If so , pretty sure it’s not him
  18. Let’s be honest , if they were really serious about it they could have done an afternoon at the end of the season Make sure they invite all the greats and get as many (of proper greats )as they can and wine n dine em , maybe have a short legends game for those able and do a proper presentation of them during the afternoon Make it free for fans or a nominal £5 - fan village , profit in catering and beers ‘ 125 day’ I’d like to think enough would go down , in the sun and make it worthy
  19. Think you’re right Is be amazed if someone on here can’t remember who it is
  20. As a dinosaur I’m probably not the best to judge - I do some social media browsing but don’t post or use it as much as many and I understand how massively important it has become (The use of social media and general PR) more and more so with each passing year We seem to have done some good things (The Goal gifs were good - even for the dinosaurs) , the transfer unveiling’s and some of the Club clips posted are interesting , but there is a lot of , what I find cringeworthy stuff , but I don’t know whether that’s just Anne age thing - so it’s interesting to read views of the different younger age bands) However Yesterdays (Shamblrs) was nothing to do with anything as complex as Social Media Strategy’s It was a simple (Though logistically work heavy) to strange a simple but fitting presentation of the Legends who were clearly proud enough to attend So so sad I appreciate for some younger fans it won’t be a big deal , but for the vast majority it almost certainly was I appreciate the world of Mega Warm up sessions , Pitch preparation and Sky have become the priorities) but for me , actually a sad bit of Club / Fan moments
  21. Difficult to tell from those pics and not wanting to upset some soul but Collins appears swarthy skin tone i wouldn’t regard his skin tone as ‘Black’ ( Im merely looking at / comparing the two pics of Unidentified man & the one 1960 provided of Tony Collins - I don’t know why I’m bothering , Need new glasses and trying to compare black n white photos
  22. Could be the unidentified man . (hairline ). or is my eyesight comparison really poor ?
  23. But your skills don’t include confidentiality about a an alleged personal (Medical / psychological) issue that you claim , but have have no proof of , and the sort of rumour that is potentially career damaging for a player ?
  24. Done properly , they could have even done it after the game If people knew that Derrick, Dicks, Merrick and numerous others would be there I would hope than that many would have stayed and enjoyed giving them a proper and respectful reception
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