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  1. Some random ones from me…probably not particular memorable to most but great memories from my peak ‘away daying’ few years: Grimsby v City - Aaron Brown last minute winner Notts County v City - Marc Goodfellow last minute winner Brentford v City - Lita’s second after coming on as a sub and turning the game around
  2. If people think he is suddenly going to start fulfilling his potential here after 6 years, they are going to be disappointed. 5 or 6 positive performances a season for several years is pathetic. Has lots of of the tools to succeed at this level but misses the most important one - bottle. His wage (which is decent money) would be much better spent elsewhere. Even if he took a Weimann / Baker style pay decrease, I would still want us to go in a different direction. Seems like a decent chap and wish him well - but I'd be really disappointed if he is still here next season.
  3. Mental. Surely tenner a ticket gets a load more people in the ground spending their money on the beer/food.
  4. It isn’t just this season - the end of last season he was the only player performing anything like good enough. Gonna be a hell of a player.
  5. I think the overall cost is the same, the DD is just spread over fewer months.
  6. Jamie Mac sacking being announced pre an appointment is weird. Normally backroom changes get announced along with an appointment. Are they trying to make some rubbish point that it isn’t a continuation of the previous failed regime?! ...before announcing Holden in a day or two?
  7. Presumably because lots of people thought 16/1 was ridiculous and lumped loads on him (including me)!
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