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  1. It isn’t just this season - the end of last season he was the only player performing anything like good enough. Gonna be a hell of a player.
  2. I think the overall cost is the same, the DD is just spread over fewer months.
  3. Jamie Mac sacking being announced pre an appointment is weird. Normally backroom changes get announced along with an appointment. Are they trying to make some rubbish point that it isn’t a continuation of the previous failed regime?! ...before announcing Holden in a day or two?
  4. Presumably because lots of people thought 16/1 was ridiculous and lumped loads on him (including me)!
  5. Stick Ampadu and Massengo together in midfielder - would be like a wall of hair protecting our back four. Solid.
  6. He just doesnt fit into a 'Johnson' team. He needs runners around him and he needs to be used in a team which has more possession, where he can be about 30 yards further up the pitch from where he plays for us currently. Instead, he ends up on the edge of his own box still trying to force that killer pass. I feel sorry for him. Yesterday when he came on and tried to slide Fammy in...Fammy just stood still and it looks like an awful pass. Bizarre signing given the expense.
  7. They are the best live band I have ever seen, hugely exciting to have them down here. 70 quid for standing is expensive but you can relatively well priced seats for £40 or £50 too. Well worth it for an amazing band.
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