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  1. This surely is otib comment of the year Hats off to you!
  2. Mate that is unbelievable. Great project, really well executed - love it!
  3. Great tip, thank you! I think that could be a nice addition for the old man's stocking!
  4. Ahhh, is that right? I didn't see that tbh, and if his nerves really were shot to pieces then maybe I was a bit harsh. I think I was probably putting some of my Nahki frustration onto Lookman! Nerves aside though, surely there's two rules to taking a penalty if you're on edge, 1) get it on target, 2) put your boot right through the ball - hard! I would suggest that the gaffer / captain could have not put him in that position if he was going to be such a bag of nerves?! Or at the very least the captain / a senior player could have given him a few words of advice / support prior to taking it
  5. Wtf did I just watch? What angers me so much, just as Nahki's did - is the lack of professionalism. There's nonchalance, and then there's arrogance and contempt (for your team, management and fans) If you miss a pen, you miss a pen, it's a high pressure moment. But this kind of nonsense makes you look like you don't give a damn.
  6. So glad to see this posted. Today was my 4th time going to watch Bridport play, and I am very quickly falling in love with it. Again, decent standard of footy, some very good players. And a really nice community spirit at the club. Not to mention, with crowds of 150 ish, you can hear so much of what the players, officials and fans say. Which is very interesting, and also plenty of times, comic gold!! Add to that the fact that these teams want to play, there's no time wasting / diving or other 'gamesmanship' that you see in top leagues. Nor is there the money or greed culture. Tickets for 3 of us, plus fish and chips each, for less than the price of one ticket into Elland Road. Plus my old man could have a fag pitch side Loving Bridport and the non league and I'll continue to follow Wholeheartedly recommend to any football fans getting down to your local non league club!
  7. Great read, thank you very much! Two Thorpe moments especially stick out for me - of course (H) to the blue few - everything about that goal was superb, but also that hat trick (A) Northampton - was it the first game of the season? And I agree with him about the talent in that team - especially with mickey and tins bombing down the left, and Scotty down the right with Louis behind him at that time. And then when tins moved into the middle...I could watch him ping diagonal balls out to Scotty all day long!
  8. Sorry to hear that, sounds painful!
  9. Haha cheers Tone, I didn't know if that one was a bit too obscure!!! So Leant, and the 'port'....! I'm glad it apparently made sense then!!
  10. This is how that clue should now read......... Main ignitor (KP) Keys Park Graham nor Taylor, had the energy to stand up straight here – So Leant (SM) St. Mary's Wide Pasture (BR) Broadfield Road Incredible hesitation (HS) Holker Street If it wasn’t a Rovers fan, would it be twice as fluorescent? (NP) Nene Park Answer the wife's mother, briefly (FM) Field Mill Scourge on City’s local teaching hospital (BR) Brisbane Road Circle's root, love me like you do (PS) Pirelli Stadium Sooooo, yeah - some of these are a bit 'out there'!! But hopefully you all enjoyed playing again!!!!Thank you to everybody who participated
  11. Hey Polly, sorry, only just seen your message. Answers are on the way...
  12. Hahaha ....I think I was pushing it a bit with 6 and 71!!
  13. Haha yes!! WA's tongue also got this, I think last night
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