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  1. Already resigned to the fact I won’t be going next year! Been a season ticket holder since 1985, but always buy last minute so haven’t got mine as yet. I’ll be gutted but no one way is going to be fair for everyone.
  2. Out of contract in the summer! Smith looking to offload! People say never go back, but??
  3. Sad day! He was doing such a fine job!
  4. Could well be right. I was told players went straight to Dubai on Saturday! I presumed after last season it was a training trip!
  5. Found out from a work colleague this morning, straight after the final whistle on Saturday, entire squad packed their bags and off to Dubai for some “warm weather training” After last seasons form post Dubai trip and the resent dross served up at Ashton Gate, surely a different approach would be appropriate. Can anyone confirm if this is true and any other thoughts.
  6. New “disabled stand” cobbled together from a few lengths of 4x2 and ply wood. Finished off with some top quality plastic garden chairs for the comfort of the carers!
  7. Plymouth around same time, got to Plymouth station after kick off. Police said to many from Bristol already in the ground. Refused to let us off the train. Waited on platform till final whistle then straight back to Bristol!
  8. Same for me 10.04 to Cardiff is the latest train to get me home. Was prepared to miss 10mins but now have to miss over half the second half!
  9. When a nipper, had to ask why we sang "Terry Coopers gone on holiday" before I found out we were Terry Coopers Red and White Army!
  10. Surley a gas managerial vacancy and Hollowhead out of employment will get the horfield jungle drums beating.
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