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  1. Are Taunton part time? I assume they are so he can continue to train at Failand and play for the U23s?
  2. I worked with his son for a while, looked nothing like him. As I remember he was pretty handy throwing the board rubber, and using the dap
  3. Lots of people at yesterday’s game who may have not been previously, could tell from those unable to find their seat from the print at home ticket they were grasping, and of course arrived right on kick off, or a bit later. Hope the result means they’ll come again.
  4. I’d rather watch JET than Wells anytime.
  5. Look I’m sorry to have caused such a ruckus, I was just having a bit of fun, and not knowing the meaning of the word contained in the typo, looks like the jokes on me I always enjoy the majors take on things….
  6. I guess this is a case of when was he offered a contract, because he was told he could leave earlier in the season. All the signs from NP seem to me to say he wants proven experience in the first instance, Simpson, King, James all fit that bill. The resigning of Baker and Weimann says the same. Atkinson and Tanner were both ‘ones for the future’ when signed. Cundy is less experienced than both of those two, NP wants consistency of performance, that doesn’t always come from inexperienced players.
  7. I think this is possibly true, and if it is why would he then want to sign for NP?
  8. I love it when people reply with a homosexual innuendo. Keep my post in mind, it was an opinion, mine, which I thought was the point of forums.
  9. He won’t get offered a new deal. NP is looking for experience , Klose will get offered a deal but it may not be enough to get him to sign.
  10. My mistake you’re quite correct.
  11. Could one of the stattos tell me how many positional changes were made tonight? Never seen anything like it, NP has lost the plot.
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