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  1. Are Taunton part time? I assume they are so he can continue to train at Failand and play for the U23s?
  2. I worked with his son for a while, looked nothing like him. As I remember he was pretty handy throwing the board rubber, and using the dap
  3. Lots of people at yesterday’s game who may have not been previously, could tell from those unable to find their seat from the print at home ticket they were grasping, and of course arrived right on kick off, or a bit later. Hope the result means they’ll come again.
  4. I’d rather watch JET than Wells anytime.
  5. Look I’m sorry to have caused such a ruckus, I was just having a bit of fun, and not knowing the meaning of the word contained in the typo, looks like the jokes on me I always enjoy the majors take on things….
  6. I guess this is a case of when was he offered a contract, because he was told he could leave earlier in the season. All the signs from NP seem to me to say he wants proven experience in the first instance, Simpson, King, James all fit that bill. The resigning of Baker and Weimann says the same. Atkinson and Tanner were both ‘ones for the future’ when signed. Cundy is less experienced than both of those two, NP wants consistency of performance, that doesn’t always come from inexperienced players.
  7. I think this is possibly true, and if it is why would he then want to sign for NP?
  8. I love it when people reply with a homosexual innuendo. Keep my post in mind, it was an opinion, mine, which I thought was the point of forums.
  9. He won’t get offered a new deal. NP is looking for experience , Klose will get offered a deal but it may not be enough to get him to sign.
  10. My mistake you’re quite correct.
  11. Could one of the stattos tell me how many positional changes were made tonight? Never seen anything like it, NP has lost the plot.
  12. This may not be a popular view bit I feel the need to say it, and I make no apologies for doing so. I applaud any action that directly supports the Ukraine in its struggle against that bastard Putin, however I find many of the ‘support’ actions suggested on here and other places sadly inappropriate, and of no use to anyone. Innocent civilians and Ukrainian soldiers defending their country are being murdered en mass by an enemy who has vastly superior numbers, firepower and technology. If people want to truly help, draping yourself in a blue and yellow flag or applauding at a given time isn’t helping in the slightest, they know we support them as demonstrated by governments around the world taking actions to hurt the Russian economy. If people want to help then hard cash to a recognised charity, a letter to your MP supporting the governments actions and demanding further aid and further economic actions are just a couple of things that may go just a small way in helping. I fear that many thousands of Civilians will die until the Ukrainians agree to a ceasefire and that will mean that Bastard Putin has won, as he surely will. This is going to be a long drawn out affair, many years will pass before the Russians leave Ukraine, until that time comes, and it will, the Ukraine and its people need genuine support, not gestures.
  13. Sad person that I am I’ve just done today’s Wordle……..it’s a sign I tell you.
  14. My head is hurting from all this who owns what, I am completely confused. Can some one tell this idiot the answers to these questions. Who owns the players contracts, and is a member of the EFL? Who owns the training ground and the stadium? Please don’t answer SL.
  15. He does have a very impressive CV with Leicester, so perhaps understandable that they describe him in such a way. Amazing how his career literally fell off a cliff toward the end of his Leicester career and subsequently. Although if fit I think NP would pretty much include him in every match day squad.
  16. If things are going to get as bad as some experts say then you may well be correct.
  17. Agree about the journeyman players (with the possible exception of a striker). However eight(?) points off a play off place with more than half the season to go, get Williams, Baker and King back in the fold, add a couple or three decent players and who knows? The Championship, despite parachute payments, is so tight that with a large slice of luck it’s possible a long shot could go up this season. I can at least dream.
  18. My memory isn’t the best, but from what I do remember he along with some of the other legends were far from the finished article (as no doubt is Scott) in their early years, as you’d expect. As I said comparisons are difficult, from pitches to boots, to tactics and the ball itself the game has changed beyond recognition, and not always for the best. I very much doubt that Alex will smoke 20 a day and catch the number nine bus to AG like Gerry. I do hope he stays around long enough to leave todays young fans with similar fond memories and maybe even a similar promotion.
  19. I hadn’t forgotten Gerry (who could), however I believe Alex is a better player at this age than Gow was. I was privileged to watch Gerry through out his City career, and making the comparison taking into account the passage of time is difficult. Only time will tell if Alex can forge a career to match the great man, we shall see.
  20. He isn’t though is he. Alex is an exceptional talent, far and away the best 17/18 year old the club has ever had, he didn’t come through the Academy from a young age, he was playing and being coached in competitive mens football. Where is Sam Pearson for instance? Played first team football last season, playing for Wales at his age group this season, but nowhere near the first team, so playing U23 games for us, surely needs something more competitive to progress. The lad Britton, played last season, only recently allowed out on loan, yet we’ve flogged Martin when 15-20 mins at the end of games could have made all the difference to him and us. Scott apart the only youngsters getting a sniff are because of the injury situation, Benarous and Conway wouldn’t be anywhere near the squad if it wasn’t for injuries. If we get King, Williams and James back, and buy a striker, I don’t see any young academy players getting a chance, they’ll be left to play the odd game for the U23’s.
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