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  1. So sad to hear this....the Matchday threads created by him will remain one of my favourite aspects of this forum RIP Richard
  2. The first thing I did was sign up to Indeed and all the other job sites...and made sure my CV was searchable. I then made sure I got registered with all the agencies out there....It works trust me!
  3. I don't tend to post much...being more of a reader than a writer but have to admit that seeing TC there reminds me of our heritage. I'm not ashamed to say that tears were flowing listening to how much it meant to the guy after all he'd put in and his natural affinity for us. I would dearly love this guy to be commemorated somehow at the Gate. My favourite manager of all time.
  4. Sincere condolences on your loss..another Red in the best seat looking down
  5. So sad. Thoughts with you and family Benik...may God give you all strength at this difficult time
  6. Pony? ( the little drink with the big kick!)
  7. Been a while since I last saw the Legend That Is JCC!! Regards to Motorcycle Michael!!!
  8. Anger? No anger here poppet!! I just despise you!!
  9. I'm suffering...still would if you were playing on the Downs. The day your Mickey Mouse thieving tinpot club goes into liquidation and is not even remembered that suffering will end...
  10. No...you don't gob off at all do you. Apart from just calling our ground Trashton. P***k.
  11. I don't get this Gas are ok...can't wait to be playing them bit. This is the scum who wanted us to fold in OUR darkest days! I'll be happy when it blows up in their collective face and they're back playing non-league. Never forget.
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