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  1. With Watford’s very random appointment I was wondering if anyone would have preferred this sort of appointment over Holden? There must have been may applicants like him apply for the Head Coach role with us.
  2. No. Stick with them. But what if you feel like the people running the club are not 100% committed on success for the club. What if you think the people running the club are doing it to make money rather then getting success for the fans? this is what this appointment feels like to me. I won’t be going to games in the near future. I won’t be buying new kits for me or my kids. why would I ?
  3. So everyone has their limits?! I'm finding it hard how you can justify supporting a club when you know that the owners/hierarchy are not committed on success. What is the point of supporting? Just support because you are a “supporter”. I am not actually saying I’m not going to keep being a fan but I’m questioning what is the point? If the people running the club clearly don’t want the club to succeed then what is the point? It just seems pointless.
  4. You said you would support whoever was in charge. My question is would you still support the club if the owner said he would never employ a black person?
  5. Why? What if the team got taken over by owners that said they wouldn’t ever employ black people. Would you still support them then?
  6. What I am finding hard now is how to support and give money to a club that clearly doesn’t want the best for the club. It’s all about the f——ing money. What a joke. This is the first time since supporting the club I’ve had any doubt about supporting the club.
  7. Maybe a complete staff overhaul is coming our way?
  8. I think this appointment will show the board are not really interested in getting promoted. For me it will make supporting the club much harder knowing that the people at the top are not doing all they can to make us successful. I hope these rumours are not true. I really hope you are correct.
  9. This is a very good point. There is still hope.
  10. Yes. Or they have have made their choice but struggling to agree financial terms with him. It’s definitely worrying that it’s taking so long though.
  11. It’s looking more and more like it’s going to be Holden by the day.
  12. There are also articles suggesting the virus hasn’t mutated. It’s always hard to which articles to believe at the moment.
  13. They definitely didn’t run rings around us at any point if that game.
  14. What is the record for league games without a goal? I can’t can’t seem to find the answer.
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