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  1. I feel sorry for all those watching this crap again!! Hoping second half is better! But serious dross being served up at home yet again.
  2. Must win game! As I can’t see many sides dropping points against qpr this season. I want to go with a 3-1win but it will read in the report after the game as “city had 15 corners, 24 shots, 1 on target and 82% possession” and we’ve lost 2-0 :(
  3. Loads of forest coaches in kingswood! Fans blocking the main road outside the spoons. Ha ha!
  4. add tickets to basket and still wants to charge me for the tickets even though it is free!!
  5. Please come to the realisation that we ain’t finishing in the top 6!!
  6. Does Gary o neil need to come on after 60/65 minutes to sure things up?
  7. 5-0 up over two games and concede 5 goals, ha ha - rubbish!! Should be 7 points clear of 7th - fact!!
  8. We don’t want to go up!! That was clear from January’s transfer window.
  9. Can we all stop talking about the f’ing Playoffs!!! We ain’t staying in the top six. We will do well to stay above 10th!! Good season turning out to be very bang average and a season which will just dwilndle along till May.
  10. Fair play to them!! Beating a side which has been crippled by the flu.
  11. Gas logic!! “Ha the shit have lost 4 on the spin now! They are awful, their fans are nowhere near as good as ours. We sold 4K tickets to Chelsea in a few hours, they are crap fans” A normal football fans response would be “city have lost 4 on the spin! But against 2 premier league teams one with 7 changes, a wolves side who are a cut above anyone in the championship and then a villa side who caught a city side shagged”. I don’t usually give two flying hoots about those rent boys up the road but the constant bashing and bitterness they have towards our club when all things seem to be going better than most of us expected really grates me. I guess jealousy is and will always be a very ugly thing.......
  12. Jealousy is a real ugly thing and very obvious! Tonight was about us. F&ck em.
  13. All our injuries and a very busy December has finally taken its toll. We need these F’ing players back ASAP!!
  14. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!!! I’ll take my hat off to the lads.
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