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  1. Yup! But there’ll be a few managers where some fans are dead set against them being appointed. I don’t really know too much about most of them so I can’t comment. I was just wondering
  2. Out of all the managers in the front running, which ones would not get support from the fans from day 1?
  3. Are Wigan having 12 points deducted?
  4. Watford have to get a point tonight as their GD will be horrible after playing Man City and arsenal.
  5. Can’t see nothing other than a Forest win, 3/4-0 hope I’m wrong.
  6. It’s fun and for a good cause. I respect your opinion.
  7. My first away game with City! Mental
  8. Watching the rugby is the only opportunity you’ll ever see the gate at full capacity, top English and European rugby, some of the best players in the world gracing the pitch, local Bristol lads in the squad, beer while watching the game and SL can set back and only spend a third and potentially get success. No brainier really!
  9. You’re going to get a lot of abuse from the deluded lot now mate!!
  10. You’ll moan about the football etc and so on. But season tickets sales will remain the same for next season even though there’s zero signs of it getting better.
  11. I get out of bed just fine thank you! X3 6am 7 mile runs help my mental state followed by gym sessions in between. It’s good to exercise. Shame you have to watch such dross and remain deluded, they say truth hurts and it sure hurts the deluded more it seems.
  12. “Come and watch sh&t football and get dominated at home nearly every game in the 2020/21 season”
  13. All on a 4 day rest now. Expect the interview on Wednesday. wish I could give my staff 4 days rest after working mon - fri which I pay them to do.
  14. I feel sorry for all those watching this crap again!! Hoping second half is better! But serious dross being served up at home yet again.
  15. Must win game! As I can’t see many sides dropping points against qpr this season. I want to go with a 3-1win but it will read in the report after the game as “city had 15 corners, 24 shots, 1 on target and 82% possession” and we’ve lost 2-0 :(
  16. Loads of forest coaches in kingswood! Fans blocking the main road outside the spoons. Ha ha!
  17. add tickets to basket and still wants to charge me for the tickets even though it is free!!
  18. Please come to the realisation that we ain’t finishing in the top 6!!
  19. Does Gary o neil need to come on after 60/65 minutes to sure things up?
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