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  1. I think when you hear reactive comments like he should resign or be sacked they’re emotive responses. As you say you’ve only got to listen to what he says to understand the clubs current position, the positive for me is Pearson clearly does and yet he wants to stay , that suggests he also sees positives and believes he can improve us. He’s had plenty of opportunities to walk away should he have wanted to (with his health etc). I’ve not seen anyone come up with an alternative
  2. I think there has to be a realism about where we are as a club right now and we simply can’t spend the money as we’ve done before. People talk about budgets as use clubs like Coventry, Huddersfield and Luton as clubs without a budget. Whilst that’s true , Luton and Coventry have had consistency with management of the club and Huddersfield stuck with their manager last season when they had an awful year. Yet people want the constant change of management with either no suggestion of a replacement and no concept of the constant change of manager brings. As Pearson has said problems at the club and will be there whether he stays or goes - he accepts the problems and appears prepared to stay, surely that had to a positive
  3. We seem to have lost the Johnson era of long losing runs and that is a positive. As I say I’m firmly in the Pearson in camp those are the two improvements I feel we can make and if we do you’d expect a more successful team. There is a lot of positives as detailed in the podcast of this thread but doesn’t mean we can’t be critical but constructive with it
  4. I will firstly say I’m firmly in the Pearson in camp but I do think there are two questions / issues for me: The number of goals we’ve conceded this season has to reduce We’ve only run two consecutive games this season, against an already relegated derby and a hull side with nothing to play for
  5. That certainly comes across, I think there are many questions about Pearson but his acceptance to use younger players and invite them to train with the first team is positive. Personally I believe it to be one of the main reasons he’s still here he can see the talent that’s here and is probably excited (well as excited as Pearson can be!!)
  6. Agree it would be difficult to find a club willing to take on both, but just question whether the club would look at it as an option. Your comment about different partners is a a very valid one and will certainly improve their respective games playing with different players and styles.
  7. Listened this morning , and agree with the comments above really interesting to hear from ‘Tina’ more for me about the type of players coming through. Thank you @3 Peaps In A PodCast One for debate maybe, if we’re looking to see Bell and Conway as our future front two and certainly sounds like both will be out on loan next season at some point. Is it worth sending them to the same club to get more experience of playing together in league / non league football?
  8. They’re not, but both nothing to play for, personally think Leeds are more likely to pick up points in last couple of games than Burnley. Burnley play spurs (going for top 4), Villa who beat them 3-1 on weekend and Newcastle)
  9. Add in Phillips and Raphinha really got a discipline issue / loss of heads
  10. Exactly my thoughts , their awful but may get enough points last two Brighton & Brentford
  11. Think Leeds might get a result tonight
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    Elliott’s problem were unfortunately injuries
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