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  1. Four Four Two has us finishing 21st , difficult to argue with our form being so poor for a while now
  2. I agree that people should have a second chance , but the negative publicity received with the Simpson signing shows domestic abuse is rightly condemned (whether first, second or multiple occasions). In Barton’s defence he hasn’t been convicted of this, which Simpson has. I do agree with your statement of how many chances do you give Barton, he’s clearly got anger management issues, regardless of the outcome of this court case. He was a ticking time bomb when appointed and I can’t recall any previous manager of a football club having two trials in quick succession for assault.
  3. Maybe the club could look at Owers to do that type of role? Remote enough from the current crop of players but would have their respect with being an ex pro.
  4. Completely agree , our player has been convicted of the same crime. Barton hasn’t been convicted. The thing with Barton is how many chances does the guy get?
  5. Thinking of players who would step up , not sure out of those on the pitch
  6. Who would even take penalties? Kane, Henderson , Maguire? Not sure who else
  7. Grealish and sancho against these aged defenders
  8. Does Gareth trust him? But I agree we need someone to get us up the pitch
  9. Just need him to get two goals for golden boot
  10. Unfortunately, if we lose the idiots will be out in force
  11. Well said , I’m sick to death of the so called ‘Golden Generation’ and many others talking post retirement about club rivalries but when they played it was always a great group of lads etc If players couldn’t put club rivalries aside when playing for the national team they should have declined the call up
  12. Being reporting three at the back , Walker, Stone and Maguire. Tripper and Shaw as wing backs
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