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  1. Went to their game today against Halifax , thinking of going to replay next week
  2. Valid point , guess it’s sooner to hear the shite that’ll come out of his mouth
  3. Why is jnr fighting only 10 rounds , appreciate he’s not been active, but after this he’s going to be calling out Saunders and all the top fighters
  4. Think it’s Rob Edwards with Scotty & Louis Not sure Phillips is in any of the pictures? Not sure who the guy is with Tommy shirt on
  5. Unfortunately for Bradford the home end will be empty now, as the hordes switch their tickets to the away end
  6. She looked absolutely shocked at the result
  7. All down to an unexpected menstrual cycle
  8. Hopefully more successful thank sky’s new card the other week!!
  9. Good domestic card tonight as well, Smith v Fowler
  10. Add in the fact Fury has had covid and also personal issues (thankfully it appears his daughter is better). Wonder whether with everything that has gone on, maybe a slight amount of complacency after the last fight ?
  11. Rubbish , scotty was a good player and make the most of his talent, jacki was a great player but didn’t. Scotty was a team player , and I guess if picking a team you’d probably pick scotty over Jacki but natural ability no chance
  12. Still got my junior reds birthday card signed by Jacki, favourite player as a kid
  13. Imagine how embarrassing it must be to lose to a team managed by Ben Garner , after all he’s the reason the Gas are in league 2
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