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  1. I think they thought AJ would have the power to KO Usyk, as the fight went on @Kid in the Riotagree with your comment above
  2. I’ve never seen a ring walk and the fighter kiss someone in the crowd. They completely under estimated usyk
  3. Shame Usyk didn’t put him down at the end then
  4. Just walked over and kissed a Doris
  5. What’s he got on his face ?
  6. Downside of this delay is it’s only increased jnr’s ego!!
  7. What an absolute joke of a decision,
  8. Don’t get the matchroom love in with Hatton jnr
  9. Well played city , really good game. Lucky in the end, Fulham should have taken one of those chances at the end
  10. Sure the petrol crisis will be used as a reason this weekend
  11. Working hard to keep him a red in West Yorkshire. Thank you all for your comments
  12. AJ wins if he takes the fight to usyk, if he tries to outbox him , usyk has the movement but not the power. But agree AJ should win. Personally think Fury loses to Wilder , too much happening outside the ring for fury and a bit of complacency. @Stortz thoughts,
  13. May explain why !! Best count the pennies and got on Sky !!
  14. Is DAZN charging for PPV for Saturday? I cancelled my subscription when price increased and had an email from them about re subscribing but no indication of extra cost for Saturday ?
  15. Think the podcast will do better with different guests, the two that appear every week clearly have a high opinion of themselves.
  16. Mate , he’s a CEO - understand if it was a newly signed player who scored the winner and as you say trying to endear himself to a new fan base, or Cook after a win. But a CEO running the length of an away end, beware of the ego. Hopefully he’ll still be running in front of the away end after a defeat - he won’t and you won’t see or hear from him
  17. Rovers won’t sack him , firstly because they can’t afford to and secondly if found guilty of either court case then I’m sure rovers would look to sack with no compensation due. Secondly Barton isn’t going to walk, he must know if he’s found guilty of either offence he’s unlikely to get another management job in this country, plus he’s likely to have relatively large legal bills.
  18. daored


    Just goes to show good man-management by Pearson as well. Credit the player and the new coaching staff
  19. When the guy complains about massengo as usual and asks what type of player he is, please reply ‘a bloody good one’!
  20. daored


    But people will still complain no assets or goals, the kid is class full of energy and running and keeps the ball. I
  21. People have got used to watching it at home, a casual fan turn up on the day and pay £40 or £10 to stream it. Clubs not just us have to look at ways at enticing people back and grab the attention of the casual fan. Tickets given away in schools and parents attend at discounted rates, a package of midweek games at a reduced rate for example
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