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  1. Do you have any examples to why they are predatory heartless leaches?
  2. When we threw a 3-0 lead against Sunderland away, he took creditability for that match. He wanted 5 or 6, got greedy which then backfired. He admitted it was his mistake that game. Pretty sure that's the only time.
  3. Trying to renew my SC in S82, however i'm receiving an error message stating someone has already occupied my seat, so I can't renew. What a club we are.
  4. I’m in S25 and I didn’t hear any singing from other blocks, I’m sure if others around me did as they would have joined in aswell. Let’s not create an us v them atmosphere.
  5. I agree with you, Lansdown or Ashton needs to step him. Squash all these rumours and carry on as normal.
  6. He wasn't feeding stories to me for the purpose of posting it on here. As soon as I saw rumours of LJ losing the dressing room I felt it was right to share it, whether others believe it or not is completely up to them. However imo these rumours of fallings out etc are complete nonsense and it's another excuse for the Johnson Out clappers to have ammunition towards LJ.
  7. Not true. I spoke to someone who works in the media team at city and Palmer has been seriously affected by the death of Afobe's daughter. His head isn't in the right place to play at the moment hence why he's not been in the team. A loan elsewhere could do him some good as a fresh start, we will not sell him unless a massive bid comes in for him.
  8. Bentley Hunt, Kalas, Williams, Dasilva Eliasson, Smith, Nagy, Rowe Diedhiou, Weimann As Mike Bassett would say. 4-4-*******-2.
  9. We thought the same last night, however when we tried to proceed as myself as the guest it asked for our group ID number every time?
  10. how does the application work with group ID? me and my dad have tried applying but we’ve got a bit confused with the adding guest to the tickets but then requiring a group ID which we do not have?
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