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  1. Sounds like rubbish to me
  2. I disagree. We’re scoring plenty of goals (4th highest goal scoring team the championship?). What we actually lack is defensive midfielders to break down play and protect the back 3/ 4.
  3. Sounds like City's recruitment process tbh
  4. The short corners have been painful to watch. And more often than not we don’t even get the ball into the box - it ends up back with defence.
  5. Hopefully the ASSTITS will flush out the offenders
  6. I’ve got 3 x Thames boat party tickets for sale. Mate has got the Rona so can’t go
  7. It departs from Temple Pier @ Embankment, 11am, and drops at Putney 2pm.
  8. HNM was the best player on the park at QPR away last September. I took a neutral to the game and he was wondering why on earth HNM was playing with our lot!
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