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  1. Glen Murray is a total *******. Was like listening to a bloke talk about football to room full of 8 years olds.
  2. BCFCinNW6


    Credit where it's due, he's been much better of late.
  3. In short - we need Semenyo back pronto! I don't envy NP to be honest. It's like trying to paint the Sistine Chapel with a sausage.
  4. Problem is our attackers have an average age of 72 so a high press after 70 mins is beyond them in terms of stamina!
  5. It's a fair point but I don't think they want to publicise those types of drills so opposition teams don't see it. ...But then again I don't think it would make much difference if they did!
  6. So you don’t think Lansdown is responsible for the utter failure of this club? Clueless.
  7. He needs to sell up the whole set up and enjoy retirement in Guernsey.
  8. We just parted company with two coaches, not sure who’s running training!
  9. At last someone speaks the truth
  10. Not sure I’ve seen a more abject performance by a ref in all my years.
  11. How much more comms do you need from the club? They push out so many manager interviews, player content / interviews and everything else, I sometimes wonder if there’s anytime for the actual football.
  12. I’m glad.. there’s laws against that kind of thing!
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