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  1. This was really insightful, thanks for sharing. (pardon another pun!).
  2. More sentimental bollocks
  3. Anyone who thinks this rebuild will happen in one season is in for a shock. As NP has indicated this is going to need 2-3 years and several windows to get players in - and that's before we've bedded in new backroom staff, DoF etc. Re-building the club, like any business will take time. Building a winning club could take even longer.
  4. Mum’s side of my family is from Bradford and I have two cousins who were at the match that day. They witnessed people messmerised by the flames and walking into, rather than away from the danger. Tried to save some but to no avail. A terrible tragedy.
  5. He was probably thinking it though!
  6. Have you run out of things to moan about today?!
  7. Put simply, I think you're conflating business with pleasure.
  8. Irrespective of NP’s track record, he’s exactly what this club needs at this juncture.
  9. Everyone has been saying this about 4 years but there’s no general improvement
  10. ******* bin him off. He’s on £27k a week for ***** sake.
  11. Very exited about him - he's exactly what we need in this team
  12. I used to run a clothes shop next door to him on Park St back in the 90s, so was shocked to see his face again after all these years - Massive Attack posted a get well soon thing on socials etc.
  13. The thing about COD is that he’s not totally shit, it’s just that he’s the weak link. Which is why he gets flack.
  14. Yep just saw it! But not sure it’s new
  15. Imagine being born in Oxford - and starting against England.
  16. If Nathan Baker is involved it’s... ROW Z!
  17. Better players more attractive in the recruitment process More sophisticated game plans More money Better facilities = tougher opposition. That’s why. It’s pretty simple.
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