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  1. Why does Britton not get a chance? Not deemed as good as Conway, Bell, etc or off in the summer?
  2. Interested to know what else you thought Max could have done. Thought his kicking was good and his distribution was OK (few times it could have been quicker) but for me that knocks him down to an 8 maybe a 7 but a 6 is harsh for a keeper that made no mistakes
  3. KentRed


    Completely agree Jon. Seems to be sauntering around and has regularly been caught in possession. Hardly the performance of someone trying to force his way into the team.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Question is how much is down to Johnson vs 'others'. Assuming he selected these players then there cant continue to be excuses. I would be very cautious about what he is able to spend in the summer. Barring a couple of trades due to contract situations, I believe he should be told this is your squad now get the best out of them. That should mean developing the younger playes by playing them - if that results in a mid table finish then after 5 years it will be time to move on.
  5. Similar situation with Benkovic - brought in on no doubt a much higher wage than existing options (TM / Zak) and so far has not improved us. Appreciate that not every loan will work but we are wasteful of the resources we have available.
  6. It's been said many times but Johnson is always too worried about the opposition and we regularly set up to nullify the impact of the opposition. Perhaps against a Leeds or West Brom away there is a case for doing but not Blackburn. It also says to me that you dont have confidence in your CB's - why isn't Baker capable of dealing with Gallagher?
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