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  1. My apologies it’s testing of a vaccine by September. To be rolled out next year. If it works https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/30/health/coronavirus-vaccine-johnson-and-johnson-clinical-trial/index.html I don’t think they will risk mass events, festivals, concerts, Theatre, football matches until the government is happy they can cope with the numbers of infections that a relaxation will bring. How the government is (re)acting right now I feel we won’t see an agreement to fulfill a recreational activity at odds with current action plan, testing or no testing. Not ITK or anything, just my thoughts
  2. When testing is ready? Apparently not til sept at the earliest and then prioritised for front line staff, medical support staff, etc etc. Don’t think league two football player and their reserves will be high on that list
  3. If they are played behind closed doors you still have a bit of crowding ie players plus subs management team, 4 officials medical staff ground staff to prepare ground - pitch, stadium, changing facilities, security probably quite a few more unthought of here. I have a feeling if the government can close pretty much every business, every gym, restaurant and pub I don’t think fulfilling what is essentially a pastime is going to be very high up their agenda. personally I think this season will be cancelled. Also if reports from South Korea are accurate and 91 people who have had covid19 have been reinfected I don’t think the lockdown will be eased soon, and when it does it will cycle off and on as the government try to keep infections to a rate where the NHS doesn’t fail. I foresee a 4 or 5 month period of lockdown as is then a relaxation of schools and some businesses until numbers rise then lockdown again. You can’t run a league program like that. maybe got out of wrong side of bed today, but feeling very pessimistic about the country in general and sport is and should be way down the list of priorities.
  4. Ta. Thankfully yes. Great support from hubby, friends and work. Everyone’s been great.
  5. Can we just cancel 2020 now. I’ve had enough. Here is mine so far... January 3rd - brother diagnosed out of blue of having 3 aggressive brain cancers and has ‘short months’ to live January 10th - paralysed down his right side he is discharged from hospital to die, where he lives with his girlfriend and our 90 year old mother January 20th - take over my mothers pension and bank account as brother is paralysed to find out they have extracted and spent over £50000 of her savings. I have no idea what is was spent on and they are not saying January 22nd - I predict to my partner that now the raping of my mothers finance has stopped, so will her care so and mother will be dead in 6 months. Try to get her extra care, social services not interested Feb 25th Get a call from brothers sister that mother had taken a fall and had been rushed into hospital Feb 27th mother dies with fractured skull from the fall. Coroner refuses to release body for funeral as the body needs to go to autopsy due to ‘unusual injuries’ March 9th autopsy completed, cause of death obvious, how it happened open to interpretation. No further action taken March 13th. Finally received death certificate and funeral booked for March 24th March 19th funeral postponed due to corona virus anyone able to ‘beat this’?
  6. I’m not an expert but a quick search brings back figures of around 600,000 deaths per year. Winter months around 45000 to 60000 deaths per month, falling to mid to high 30,000’s in the summer months. Looking back at last decade January deaths are anywhere between 45,000 and 60,000, this year was a spike though. But Is does go up and the last winter flu epidemic looks like it claimed 10,000 ish
  7. Death count In January there was an increase of over 2900 deaths compared to jan 2019. 9000 more deaths than December 56000 deaths in January in total looks like coronavirus has already claimed a few thousand in jan. I know there was no recorded cases but I don’t think there was testing was there? So if the curve of deaths follow Italy and we lose 4000 in a month, there would be a lift of 8% on presumption that none of the 4000 would have died anyway not sure what to feel about these figures. Your Thoughts?
  8. I remember dolman b block belting out Swing Lo.
  9. Foreners? Foreners? in the gym I was talking to a mate about this post. i asked him if he could spell foreigner.. he got it right. oh he’s Polish, is an electrician, earns double what I do , pays higher rate tax and NI. Is still married to his English missus of 10 years, both his kids consider themselves dual nationality, speaking polish and English impeccably which one would I rather have a pint with????
  10. If he takes the ticket to him on his bike, will it be a ticket to ride?
  11. I’ve just come back from New York and was lucky enough to get tickets to see New York rangers ice hockey at Maddison square gardens. We think we got it bad... Pre match entertainment some long haired guy who looked like Rasputin who played side 2 of the Beatles Abbey road, instrumentally on a Wurlitzer organ. during the match the round screen above the rink cycled through a video of a rising clapometer that rose as the words MAKE SOME NOISE scrolled across it, at which point the audience hooted and hollered before lapsing into silence as soon as the screen went blank. The aforementioned wulitzer player would then play a tune as Let’s go rangers, let’s go, scrolled across the screen that encouraged the crowd to join in, again until the video stopped and silence prevailed. After the umpteenth time of this happening, my partner stands us, arms outstretched and bellows out, ‘one song,, you’ve only got one song’ before sitting down again give me Ashton gate anyday
  12. Fair enough. I just found it to be very humbling and it changed my outlook on life from that moment to this. As they say, lest we forget
  13. I would like to believe it’s been photoshopped. Having been to auschwitz, it’s quite remote so there is long journey to reflect on what you are about to experience. No words can describe emotions whilst you are there. It’s not dressed us as tourist attraction and no punches are pulled and there is little to prepare you for what you are allowed to see. Torture chambers, medical experiment rooms, huts 40 feet long that housed HUNDREDS of prisoners and rooms that are literally filled floor to ceiling with suitcases, glasses, and human hair. I walked round alternating between shock, anger, and tears. It truly is a awful awful place. Everyone should go if they can only to remind themselves on the atrocities that man can inflict on man due to lack of tolerance, hatred, and twisted ideology. if this picture is real I am truly at a loss for words
  14. No, you made reference to what parents would think, not FA guidelines. If you had meant that, you would of said so, and not parents. Often it is the implication of what is said or in this case, not said of what parents would think about a gay coach. If you thought the parents wouldn’t give 2 hoots there would be no need to have made that statement. The mere fact of making that statement infers they would have a problem, and if what you are saying about the FA is true they would never be in a position to find out what it feels like therefore making your whole post redundant. I took offence of the simmering undercurrent of your first line, and it is that that I took, and still take offence over
  15. I’m not sure what parents would make of it. I have not asked any. I can tell however, what YOU think of a gay man coaching kids and to be frank I am appalled at the not so veiled insinuation of sexuality and sexual attraction between coach and children. As a gay man I take most banter in good faith but I take massive offence at your comment and I request a written apology and or a banning order on your profile. Mods, can you take some action against this individual?
  16. Oh yes. What a day. I still have a scar on my shin from wild celebrating and hitting it on the seat in front. Only when we left the ground did a policeman point to my jeans. When I looked down my jeans were covered in blood... didn’t feel it, didn’t notice it til that moment
  17. 0-1 late second half flukey goal off someone’s ass, after villa hit the bar 3 times, have 2 ruled out for offside, another chalked off for a foul in the buildup, and a dubious penalty given but the kick blazed over the bar.
  18. If only Barry Saunders was Barry Bradfield.
  19. Bit naive there, sorry. Media are not going to report that Majorie from slough is very welcoming of immigration. The press will quite rightly call out and jump on racist behaviour. The point i was was making that a singer born and bred in London, has a British accent, sings traditionally non black British / American heavy rock music and is English as you and I is made to feel uncomfortable due to her ethnicity on the streets she has always known as home. brexit has made it ok to be overtly jingoistic and the press, and she is right to point that out.
  20. You’re right it shouldn’t. This video proves it does though sadly
  21. Really? straight after the brexit vote, one of my favourite bands singers was racially abused in the street by people claiming brexit would take Britain back for the British. She was so incensed she did this tirade at their next concert So tell me again my friend how ‘good’ brexit is for inter racial relations.....
  22. This, entirely. when end things ain’t going well on the pitch, the decision to leave Gloucester at 11.30 to get a parking spot nearish the ground, due to the council ‘you can’t park here even though it’s safe’ vendetta. Add onto that the blatant profiteering (£10 to park for 2 hours in the few private car parks dotted around). Then either leaving a bit early to miss the traffic whilst getting serenaded about fire drills, or face getting home at 7.30 whilst paying exhorbitantly for petrol and parking. Or use park and ride that charges a fiver per person, so that’s £20 for the 3 mile journey while waiting in the rain to then stand on a crowded bus as it trundles along. Or arrive by train either too early or too late while paying 20 quid ticket price wondering whether like the last time you’ll miss the first half as the train was delayed. Again. I am glad we are doing well as a club, I really am, gates are higher than they have been for 30 years, but this knock on effect coupled with draconian council rules encourages blatant profiteering which chips away at the love of going rather than the love of the club, and I say this as a 20 year plus season ticket holder next year who knows? Even with current form I doubt it. Technology is there now to watch it alternatively. I’ve watched every game this season either by going, paying for sky, now tv, BCTV, or even watched on the net some guy streaming the game by holding his phone up to his tv...
  23. If we buy him do we get one free as well? Tesco do it on shower gel, can’t see why Chelsea can’t throw kalas in if we buy Palmer
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