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  1. My wife does a lateral flow test twice a week- she’s a teacher. It’s all done at home, fairly straightforward and, frankly, highly vulnerable to fraud, as you self report- ie you tell the system it was negative and the NHS immediately sends you an email telling you that you are negative. Setting up the account first time takes about 30 mins and each test takes about 45 mins, as you have to leave it for 30 mins to confirm- you obviously don’t have to sit and watch it! Pretty easy altogether but if your new to it I wouldn’t leave everything to the last minute. Set it up well in advance and do one to get used to it.
  2. Going on Sunday and have just logged into NHS app as I am double jabbed and don’t need to test. But what a flippin experience! Honestly never experienced anything quite like it. I was broadly coping ( numerous codes and security and uploading photo of I’d page of passport etc) until you had to upload a video of yourself reciting a four digit number code texted to your moby. Extrodinary rigmarole. And this is not the end. On Friday UEFA release the ‘sharing platform’ whereby you have to link your vaccine info. Basically a COVID passport with bells. Meanwhile my designated entry time slot on Sunday is 11am - for a 2pm ok. And you apparently have to stay in your seat and not wander around. And the bars are shut. And you can’t take anything in. And Kate Kinsella ( my local weather presenter) says it’s going to be 26 degrees. I’ve followed England to Japan, South Africa and Russia, but this may well be the longest day.
  3. The quote that struck me (in the context of buying a house 5 mins from Portman Road) ‘You can’t run football club remotely’. Spot on. Our owner lives in a different territory, while the chairman seems now to be domiciled in a different country. That’s why MA was given so much responsibility and authority. Not a likeable individual certainly but I think we might be in for a bit of a shock next season if we think that we can purge the club of him and his entire network while rebuilding a squad capable of a solid championship performance.
  4. Yes, but from the FA last Thursday, as this was the Englandfans ballot. I gather the ticket sale starts today and runs to Friday ( you still have to log in with code to purchase). I have one outstanding game from the original UEFA ballot and I’ve not heard about this yet.
  5. Good news: I got a ticket for Croatia in the new England Fans ballot ( originally had tickets for every England game though). Bad news: I live in Bedford, so probably about to be locked down until Christmas.
  6. I still miss the amateur anarchy of the Weston Cricket Festival, where some of the worlds best cricketers would regularly have to leave the security of the hopelessly small village pavilion to access luxuries like the toilets and the refreshment tent. I successfully wore down Botham and Richards by sheer persistence, but was brutally knocked back by Bob Willis, who obviously needed a slash more than the chance to give his autograph to an obsessive teenager.
  7. Bedred31

    How many?

    I share all these sentiments, but the ‘rip it up and start again’ plan is predicated on the assumption that SL will provide the cash to sign 6- 8 new quality players, when all the indicators are that he’s not willing or able to do so. How much does a decent shot at a safe bet championship player cost? We’ve promoted youth, bought from the French and invested in top premier league teams decent rejects. We’ve tried the clever acquisition options and ended up with possibly the worst starting 11 I’ve seen in almost 50 years as a supporter. If NP is given anything like the the money given to LJ , then I would expect that he will build a squad that will challenge for the top 6 at least. But tragically NP isn’t going to be as indulged as LJ was. I suspect that many more of the current squad than we would ideally wish will be here in September and Nige is going to have to find a way to get them going.
  8. And, as a Bristolian exiled to London, making special journeys to Paddington Station because they sold the Evening Post there.
  9. At this moment, I’m not really concerned whether NP is the right man for the job or not. I’m quite certain that he has the personality and mentality to make these players lives miserable on a day to day basis and, results aside, that’s good enough for me.
  10. Who’s the loon on Sky? Just referred to the ‘ever reliable Nahki Wells’.
  11. You can be my friend, if that’s any consolation.
  12. I prefer the new Wembley to the old, which until Euro 96 had hideous fences all around the playing area. But the surrounding area has been undermined in the last 5 years by an almost hysterical level of residential development, so that the ground is now surrounded ( almost literally at touching distance) by blocks of flats. I never minded the ramps, which seemed fine to me for access, including wheelchairs. I think this part of the redevelopment is driven by FA empire builders looking at grandiose plans and artists impressions. Those steps are going to be murderous at the end of a match when 70000 fans try and leave at once.
  13. I’ve always liked, supported and been profoundly grateful for SL, but I wouldn’t place much reliance on him now. It seems to me that in recent months his head has moved on. When billionaire owners start ‘looking for additional investment’ it means that they’ve crossed the line that leads to sale and a relinquish of control. My guess is that having spent the last year exiled on Guernsey with no live football with fans, he’s surprised to realise that he’s not missed it as much as he assumed he would. Does he need the hassle and grief that comes with the responsibility of ownership? He has a legacy and it’s a decent one. We will always remember and revere what he’s done. He’s a genuine fan but he can still watch every game home and away in luxury without being the owner. Jon, meanwhile, could have done little more recently to show that he has no measurable interest in the club when compared to a life developing property in the Caribbean. And who can blame SL or resent his desire for a quieter life. Frankly, he owes us nothing. The point is that while a Championship club sells better than a League 1 outfit, owners looking to sell are not famous for pumping tens of millions into player acquisitions as they prepare to sell. At best it works, whereupon your successor gets the credit. My guess is that any expenditure will be modest at best, with Covid as a smokescreen, as Steve takes his last big commercial gamble- can he clear his book before it goes spectacularly rats on the pitch.
  14. Simply pointing out that it seems a bit unwise to make a personal meeting a prerequisite to making a decision when it seems likely that a personal meeting will be impossible before you have to make the decision.
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