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  1. Why would you want to take on the Germans in a shoot out?
  2. NP is big on attitude and personality. Very big. I don’t think he’d sign a player if he wasn’t sure about his motivation.
  3. After Somerset lost their first three games of the season, I decided to spend the summer offline in the garden.
  4. Pep can’t seem to get a team set up properly for big, one off games. No way should City have lost to Chelsea last year. No way should they have lost to a RM who were behind between minute 4 of the first leg and minute 90 of the second leg. And how does a top top side concede 6 goals to this RM.
  5. Working in London with numerous Gooners I get invited to the Emirates a lot. After the game the bars and food out outlets remain open. A lot of people stay for a couple of pints, watch footy on the concourse screens and dodge the queues at the tube. Whenever I leave Wembley, with everything locked up, I think why, when 45 mins in the bar would be preferable to 30 mins waiting to get into Wembley Park. Staggering departure is best for everyone. Keeping stuff open at the Gate would always generate more income than costs, so why does the club not do it? Is it the police requiring fans to leave promptly.
  6. Great result and a great end of season run. Well done NP. Will boost my (admittedly fragile) morale through the summer. Crazy season- 17th place, scored the same or more than the teams in 4th, 5th and 6th, conceded 6 more than the club at the bottom. Not going to require Statto to tell us where the money/ improvement is needed.
  7. Ran into the 80’s - remember one to York in about 84? Rarely stopped in the actual station. Can recall climbing out onto remote freight sidings and clambering over tracks, flanked by police, to get out. Getting back onto train without the height of a platform could be iffy too. Generally good fun, though- they used to go for hours without stopping.
  8. Currently on a family visit to Brading Roman villa (Isle of Wight). Last time I was here I returned to the car to discover that Steve Coppell had unexpectedly resigned. Going in now and will check back in about 2 hours…
  9. I think NP asks a lot of his players and many ( perhaps most) just aren’t programmed to cope or respond, regardless of motivation. His management strategy really depends on the ability to trade these players out and replace them with players whose personality he can trust. This may not require huge amounts of money, as he has a record of discovering footballing ‘sleepers’. But it does demand ins and outs. If, as with City at present, volume player turnover is effectively impossible, then I think his methodology is undermined fatally.
  10. If you can’t afford to buy players and refuse to utilise the loan market, then you’ve left yourselves very few options- free transfers basically. MacGregors article today notes that an on the cheap strategy can be successful, but generally it depends on good free transfers and careful use of the loan market.( Also worth pointing out in articles like this that success is the exception not the norm- generally spending no money in football leads to relegation). I like and support NP personally- his likely replacement is the stuff of nightmares- but I can’t see him being here come September.
  11. And now milk up by 50%,apparently. Having grown up in N Somerset where there are more black and white cows than people, this is a particular bummer.
  12. Having experienced numerous relegations since 1972, avoiding it this season is fantastic, frankly. Always easier to stay up than win promotion. Next season could well be worse, so try and appreciate what we’ve got now.
  13. We had a young, inexperienced unproven manager and showered him with transfer funds. We’ve got an older, experienced and sometime proven manager, and not given him a penny. I get the frustration, really, but if we keep whinging and gunning for NP, this is only going one way- to a young, inexperienced and unproven manager with no money to spend.
  14. Even with basic, well below average defending, this team could be challenging. I don’t think today is a parachute payment thing- it’s a bizarre side that can score against the best but can’t defend against the under 10’s thing.
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