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  1. Very saddened to hear the news this evening. A great and modest man who did so much for the club during some of its darkest times. Could you imagine an ex England international nowadays washing the kit or helping new players move house by driving them across the country? I’m somewhat disappointed that the club didn’t do something in the last few years to honour him when he was still around, I’m sure he would have been touched by it. Whilst all the press will be about his Leeds days, he played a massive role in the history of Bristol City too, for which all should be very grateful.
  2. Whatever suggestions people make, we’ve never had so many decent possible options for central midfield. Nice problem to have.
  3. Yes, I found those fascinating - really helped me understand the types of common injuries and how they treated them.
  4. If I remember it correctly, SL didn’t say it quite like that. I think it was in response to something along the lines of the fans spend a lot of money and weren’t happy (I can’t remember about what!). SL didn’t quite put his response as clearly as he could have done but my impression was he was basically saying “I’m not happy either and I’ve put even more in then them, so imagine how I feel”.
  5. Interesting comment in the Middlesbrough local paper about Diedhiou: But the Senegal striker will have to rethink his demands if he wants to join Boro, or any other Championship club for that matter.
  6. Woah! I see a recruitment theme emerging here and there may be something in that. Mark ROBINS fits in after having Mark ASHTON as CEO. Perhaps the person that SL wants to bring in additional finance is Bill GATEs.....
  7. Yes - Leeds v Liverpool tonight at Elland Road would have had some atmosphere I think.
  8. Totally agree - over the last year especially it’s been good to have the forum given how isolated everyone is. Thanks for the work you do.
  9. Not all of a sudden for a lot of people - he’s just starting to thrive under a manager who knows how to use and develop him properly. Massengo will go on to have the best career of anyone who has passed through the club since Andy Cole.
  10. Same here. I go to quite a few away games in normal times as lots of clubs nearby but very rarely get down to AG sadly - it’s just too far for a day trip and my spare time is limited. So currently the club is getting revenue from me that it would just not get usually. I’d be happy to pay for stream in future and the club would be making money it wouldn’t otherwise get.
  11. I remember walking into the Williams for the first time at the start of the season when it was opened, looking at the (then) new stand and thinking “wow, that’s amazing” and how much it improved the ground. It shows you how far we have come and how much we forget how poor the facilities were back then that people are now complaining about it. Away fans still generally seem to think it’s pretty good and I can’t see there’s any rush to replace it.
  12. A question I was asking myself tonight too. It’s been turgid stuff the last few months and I think I will save myself a tenner next time.
  13. Am I missing something - didn’t Moore win the ball and divert it up field?
  14. YorksRed


    Yes, I worry about all this stuff about Walsh being the great hope this season. Sure, he looks like a great prospect and apparently did well last season in the division below but there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to step up immediately. I seem to remember that Luke Freeman was the best player in the league in our promotion season and struggled to take the step up initially. Hopefully he will but there’s a lot of expectation it seems. Nagy is a seasoned international and played at a higher level than Walsh so coming from a very different place.
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