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  1. Yes seems odd that we are not getting an indoor facility too - if Mark Ashton is as good as he claims to be he’d have negotiated a BOGOF on what the rugby club has! More seriously Im sure it would have been considered and there is a good reason why not and sharing with the rugby club when the weather is really bad must be a possibility.
  2. I think that is harsh. Cotts and Johnson turned out to be good appointments for where we were at the time and both helped the club to advance to the next level. Incremental steps.
  3. The right decision but we should thank LJ. He clearly worked incredibly hard and with real commitment and love for the club. If he came up short then it wasn’t for a lack of desire and trying. He has also clearly professionalised the way we do things behind the scenes. it has been poor to watch for a while but at times during his first few years we played scintillating football if we remember back. So I wish him well and we all should but I also look forward to the future for the club under fresh management.
  4. YorksRed


    Sheff Wednesday fan on twitter said something along the lines of “Wells and Afobe together will murder us”. Not if they are played out of position with no real service they won’t....
  5. Agreed. Well done the club too. My stream worked well (bit of a rubbish picture from EW, but not sure that’s their fault) and I hope it did for other people. They did a professional job.
  6. Thanks for the support that you have provided to people on here. In due course I’d be interested in which of the multiple options that you have tested gives the best results in terms of picture quality etc. I have a feeling that this way of watching games is likely to be carried over after the end of this season so it would be good to know.
  7. It’s finally started working on my laptop. I found that logging out of RobinsTV, closing it and then reopening the city homepage and logging in there before then going to RobinsTV seemed to do the trick.
  8. Well I got nowhere on my laptop. Dell Latitude 7300 Laptop running Windows 10 with Chrome and super fast fibre broadband. Just got a black screen edged in red. Works fine on my iPhone but of course can’t cast.....
  9. Anyone got a spare code (if this offer is still on) that they might like to share with a fellow Red?!
  10. On the Leeds official site now simply confirming that he Is in hospital. He played in the first City match I went to. I have always believed that he scored that day but was starting to think that I had imagined it, but on checking just now I see that he did (and the goal was just as I remembered). Home against Newcastle in 1978. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife at Elland Road and she said how much they enjoyed their time living in the West Country. Really nice, friendly people. Wishing him all the best in getting well soon.
  11. Alan Walsh, Brian Tinnion and Scott Murray (for an amazing season and being an all round decent bloke). Oh, and although I never saw him play, John Atyeo who again I understand to have been another good man as well as a great player.
  12. Dasilva’s problem yesterday was that he was left exposed having to cover 2 players and Leeds made the most of that. When O’Dowda came in he was less exposed but LJ left it too long to do something about it as it was pretty obvious. He massively improved once he had that cover in front of him.
  13. Ice hockey would be great too - but might be too complex?
  14. I thought it odd the Bristol Post referring to Steve Cotterall as City’s most successful Manager today. Would have suggested they looked up Alan Dicks or Harry Thickett.
  15. Think there must be a recall lined up and I would think it would be Morrell rather than Walsh. Burnley has a population of 88k and its a pretty poor area, whereas Bristol has a population of 540k and must be one of the most economically strong and affluent cities in the country. Shows how well Burnley have been managed and how much we have historically underachieved in reality when our respective positions and attractiveness to players is taken into account.
  16. Not saying he’s the same and indeed I think he has more promise than Lee had, but he’s probably the closest comparison (physique, style etc) of the ones that we have currently got so you’d think Lee would relish to work with and develop him and should be able to get the best out of him. We will see! (Going off topic I think Lee was a better player than he was often given credit for and people seem to remember and I wonder what would have happened if he’d stayed fit throughout the play off season).
  17. Ironically, is Walsh perhaps the closest of our current midfielders to what Lee was like himself as a player?
  18. Was he? Where was he going?
  19. Think people are being a bit harsh. He wasn’t great but I do seem to remember a couple of defence splitting passes that he put through which could easily have been goals (and would have been had say Adobe been playing). At least it brought something different into the game and a bit of penetration that had been sadly missing all game.
  20. Yes, sadly AG is one of the most difficult and most expensive to get to for me.
  21. Yes - his defensive work is overlooked. He seems to get more than his fair share of headers back there and gives us additional height and physicality.
  22. Yes. Tonight’s is on but I don’t think Wigan is as it’s not on Sky’s televised list.
  23. I think that’s the fixtures list rather than the list of televised games unfortunately. Delighted to be proved wrong though!
  24. Is it? Not listed on Sky Sports’ website.
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