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  1. Not wanting to spit hairs... but I think the term is ‘splitting hairs’, not having fur balls
  2. Crikers - good seasonal/etymological knowledge! Thank you for the education, PSR.
  3. And worse still, don’t call autumn ‘fall’!
  4. I’m saying it is contextual. You can differentiate an individual based on their race without it being abusive...
  5. That doesn’t mean it’s not racist... It’s contextual, which is the point. You’re welcome.
  6. its really whether the words are said with any malice that makes the difference, as well as how the ‘victim’ perceives it. As long as both sides see it as being good natured, there’s no issue.
  7. I see what you’re trying to say, but you make it sound like the English never spent years fighting and persecuting the welsh, Scottish or Irish at any point... ‘white supremacy’ is a little blinkered.
  8. If you think that every individual that you might aim a particular term at would all deem it to be banter, as opposed to derogatory, then god help you.
  9. Exactly. If a welsh Cardiff (or other team) player complain to the officials at being called a sheep fondler, would the game be stopped/abandoned? For consistency, it should be.
  10. The problem, I think, is that ‘racism’ seems to be defined by abuse of people of a different ethnicity, not nationality. Is that differentiation not in itself racist?
  11. Not really. It’s a valid question. Where would you draw the line?
  12. Penultimate game of the season, 25th April... Joe to score the goal that sends them down??
  13. Read anything into him using a Swansea based removals company?
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