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  1. Ah that's good news. Are they just available on one of the other sports channels then? Is it available via the standard now tv box?
  2. Really? I wasn't aware that red button games were available on now tv. Has this changed?
  3. I don't have Sky unfortunately. I would just about pluck up the courage to watch it (maybe from behind the sofa!), but can't say I'm very keen to pay for it!
  4. Any chance there will be a stream anywhere tonight (hesgoal etc)? Not sure I can stomach paying £10 for Robins TV based on recent performances!
  5. Those games were not available free. I think I remember paying £10 for the Bournemouth game and watching the Preston game on Sky. Looks like either the rules have changed, or they have decided to offer us this game as an extra bonus. Either way, it definitely looks like it is going to be available free of charge for season ticket holders. No need to register either, will just be automatically applied based on voucher code entered earlier in season.
  6. Just spotted this on the club website. Looks like it is being made available for season ticket holders only. Happy days! https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/norwich-match-on-robins-tv-for-season-card-holders-only/
  7. Has anyone else received this email from the club advising that we can stream the Norwich game tomorrow on Robins TV for free as a season ticket holder? I understand that the homes games on Sky would be free to stream, as included within season ticket, but wasn't aware this also applied to away games. Will be happy if it is mind, as will save me £10 on a Now TV pass!
  8. Crackstreams now back up for me by the way.
  9. Yea streams are going to pot now! So annoying!
  10. Stream wanted here too if you can find one. I have used crackstreams and hesgoal previously, so will be trying those again. If you find any other good ones then would appreciate the nod though. Thanks
  11. Good listen that. Harsh decision to drop him for the semi final, no wonder he was pissed off!
  12. Correct, only one day for sports. The month pass is £29.99. Still good value considering the month pass on it's own at standard price is about £33. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/tv-and-home-entertainment/digital-and-smart-tv/set-top-boxes/now-tv-smart-stick-with-1-month-sky-sports-pass-10196839-pdt.html?intcmpid=display~RR
  13. Offer for one day sports pass (£9.99) and free 4 months sports mobile pass here: https://www.nowtv.com/promo/sky-sports Mobile pass can only be used on mobile/tablet, but still not bad for free. Only selected channels on mobile pass too, so may not get future games, but it does include premier league etc. The 24 hour pass is for the full thing though (i.e. not mobile).
  14. Hesgoal has one. Non-English commentary, but good picture. http://www.hesgoal.com/
  15. Not really no. Had one or two issues with the picture, but that is down to my internet rather than anything else I think. Doing notice any issues with viewing on the tv screen really, pretty much the same picture that you get on the small screen.
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