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  1. Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey
  2. Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone) - Prefab Sprout
  3. After a really tough couple of seasons, we are starting to see a team we can be proud of for the first time in years. Players from our own youth system like Scott, Benarous, Semenyo and Pring have a great attitude and not only enormous potential, but they are showing their qualities now. Then there are the likes of Tanner and Atkinson, the sort of signings we should be making. Added to existing, experienced players like Weimann and Kalas, who are excellent role models, things are looking up. We are still in transition and there will be bumps along the way, but I really feel we have turned the corner and the future is bright.
  4. Country Darkness - Elvis Costello
  5. Offside


    Yes, I remember that - he is deceptively quick, isn’t he?
  6. I really enjoyed that! He seems like a proper football lover. I’m glad he had a good day!
  7. I love watching Alex Scott play. He has been really impressive so far - not just his technique, maturity and awareness, but also that edge he has to his game. His attitude on the pitch is superb.
  8. Max has been decent and deserves to keep his place. One thing I did notice today, though, was that a few times he could have played the ball to Pring who was in acres of space, but he either delayed or played it to the right instead - similar to how Bentley tends to be slow in his decision making when he’s got the ball. In previous games Max has been quicker on deciding who to give it to.
  9. I thought he played well today and fair play to him for clapping the fans. He always seems to have a good character. I thought he was a good player for City, always looked for the ball and tried to dictate play.
  10. Offside


    What really pleased me about Semenyo’s performance today was that after a quiet first half he got stronger as the game went on. In the second half he was outstanding. Great to watch.
  11. We were pathetic up until our goal. No player able or willing to try to dictate play. We improved in the last part of the first half.
  12. I remember that match very well. Ashton Park was like a war zone before the game.
  13. Fascinating press conference, especially the Bakinson situation. NP was very forthright and damning of him. It sounds to me like some sort of incident has been the catalyst for his departure, and if the move falls through there is no way back for him. I enjoyed what Nige said about Alex Scott as well, which confirm what we’ve all seen about how mature he is on the pitch. Glad to hear Joe Williams is back in contention, we could really do with him staying fit for an extended run.
  14. I’m happy with either of them. Bentley has been a good keeper for us and I like his passion. His distribution tends to be slow, but he has made some excellent saves. After being dropped his days seem to be numbered, and with our financial situation it would make sense to cash in. If we have to sell someone, he’d be less of a loss than someone like HNM I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far from Max, and maybe now it’s his time to step up.
  15. Whites of Their Eyes - Mattiel
  16. Dig, Lazarus, Dig - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  17. Gates of Eden - Bob Dylan
  18. Thanks for those pics @Davefevs - definitely looks like a penalty. Completely agree - more passive play from COD.
  19. Completely agree with this. It’s really frustrating how our players are “there” without actually doing anything to make it difficult for the opposition. Fulham’s first goal - Vyner was so weak. Yes he got a nudge from Mitrovic, but surely we do our homework and know that’s what he does? It was made so easy. The third goal - their player ran with the ball in tons of space with only a weak attempt at stopping him from King, who was the wrong side. Their sixth goal - what the hell was COD doing running in that weird circle? Yes, it’s all token. Not actual determination to win the ball
  20. I didn’t know Alan, but I recognise him from the pics on this thread so I must have seen him around AG. And he was a good poster on this forum. Very sad news. RIP fellow red.
  21. Stagger Lee - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
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