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  1. They won't give us all the bad news in one lump.
  2. I wonder if we will be told what that "clear vision " actually is?
  3. You are probably right. They seem to have some dreamy eyed vision that a strong youth policy is enough to see us through. Important though that is, leaving an unbalanced squad in the hands of a rookie chief coach leaves us very vulnerable.
  4. No not really. Germany and Italy and Holland are other examples of the kit not reflecting the flag.
  5. I was told they shouted Sheeetead at him. But I don't believe it myself.
  6. True, but the residents and the hotel will create extra demand too. Do those blocks have their own parking spaces underneath I wonder?
  7. They'll comfort themselves by saying Mr Pantsdown's flashy Trashton is all very well, but they're not Special like what we are.
  8. Almost certainly. Good thing too, the store is the only part of the original stadium redevelopment that was poorly thought out.
  9. Best: Norman Hunter (a member of two world cup squads, not whilst playing for us but class is permanent) Worst: Ryan McGivern (Somehow the owner of a Man City contract!)
  10. They give him airspace to be a contrarian and a "character". He's just delivering on his contract. Ignore.
  11. That could come in handy when they finally build their new ground.
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