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  1. He hasn’t really changed much has he?
  2. Finally the penny is beginning to drop
  3. What a complete naff ceremony compared to Wimbledon
  4. City garbage at home City garbage after international breaks. City always garbage v PNE.
  5. Fair play to the fat gashead , he clapped both our goals.
  6. Wonder if Tote end Lil is still alive these days?
  7. He was brilliant today, looked very comfortable in everything he did.
  8. Joey on about ill discipline Hahahahaha
  9. But Joey said last week they are going up. In Joey we trust.
  10. Nigel beginning to turn this car crash of a football club around. The most positive football now being played in the last 2 years. Relegation? No chance
  11. Yessssss Bentley header 97th min
  12. How many did we beat Exeter by a few weeks ago?
  13. Please please please play Owura
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