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    Bents Kalas Vyner Massengo Weiman ( played much better with him in the side) Semenyo De Silva All the young ones Get rid of everyone else, have i missed anyone out?
  2. How many has NP lost out of the 7, I can’t remember now who his first home game was against?
  3. With all due respect to Holden , he shouldn’t have been offered a job at championship level, don’t blame him for signing but should never have been offered it. Nigel has taken on a squad of players clearly not good enough for the championship, not his fault, you can’t polish a turd, we have MA and previous managers to blame for this squad I'm afraid .
  4. He really needs to be judged on a full season, plus a big summer clear out.
  5. I’m thinking Nigel will need more than the whole of next season to sort this shower of out, and then only if he decides to stay, I personally wouldn’t blame him if he ran for the hills 2 minutes after the final whistle of the last game.
  6. Zero points from a possible 21 at home in the last 7 league games.
  7. Half these players are stealing a living, a massive clear out needed.
  8. Thank goodness we won our first 5 games
  9. Agent Johnson next up at the minimal on Saturday.
  10. A hell of a lot of deadwood needs to be shipped out this summer, starting with Fammy.
  11. Got to give a shout out for young Massengo, playing really well again, also Walsh looks an intelligent player.
  12. True... I was born and raised in Fishponds, been City all my life along with quite a few other reds.
  13. Is it really that long ago they last played 2nd tier football?
  14. If losing 6 nill is not bad enough, some of them have a stack of ironing to do when they get back home
  15. The turd can’t be polished. Big clearout needed in the summer.
  16. Future England keeper
  17. Nigel Pearson signed shirt for sale on ebay, if anyones interested.
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