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  1. Blimey, I have read every comment on this thread and there are massive expectations from some fans. I had more realistic expectations, I thought the mess that the club was in when Pearson took over that he would do well if he was able to keep the team mid table. When he was put in charge we were 15th in the Championship and tonight we are 9th, that is way above my expectations and very little money spent on new players. We look like a team that understands what is required of them and are playing for each other, the last 2 season we have looked like a pub team that was selected 10 minutes before the start of the game based on who turned up, that is massive progress, much more professional and organised. If we finish around our current position I will consider it progress, if we continue to show the improvements on the pitch that although not yet perfect it is so much better than what we have had to put up with the last 2 seasons. Be realistic, give the man a chance, I get the impression some fans were just waiting for an opportunity to have a go.
  2. He got more credit than he deserved, he was playing the same dreadful football that Holden is.
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