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  1. Yep, Remember being at the Valley with Lansdown & new appointment Johnson sat in the stand nearby, and being gutted that a more proven, experienced Nigel Pearson was being overlooked. Many City fans were keen on him back then......
  2. Would like us to go German and for a change be really bold , ambitious and go for it. Ralph Rangnick ,one of the most influential coaches in Europe with an impressive track record in Germany of transforming clubs , is without a club and has previously expressed an interest to coach in England after living and studying here in his younger days. No doubt , Ashton would need to be shunted aside to give this a chance of happening ! Klopp, Tuchel, Farke and other highly rated coaches who have been successful here in England have all been influenced by him and admire his methods. His recent videos on YouTube explaining his principles and how he improves a club are worth a watch. He Implements a pressing , attacking game with pace and dislikes passing back to the keeper and square passing. Wouldn’t this make a nice change ! City fans are ambitious , and there is nothing wrong with that after decades of underachieving as Cardiff , Swansea , Bournemouth etc etc in comparison show us up . Steve Lansdown has not shown the ambition with his footballing decisions to match what he has built ,and is still building off the pitch with the infrastructure . Surely there comes a time such as now when he has to make a higher profile , experienced appointment and lift the whole club ? If someone of the reputation of Rangnick or similar can be attracted by the challenge here , why not at least try ? He can only say no ......
  3. Might be wrong but don’t think they made it to the champ. Just challenged for promotion before falling away.
  4. Indeed , we had a right old top of the table clash with (ahem) Paul Cooks Chesterfield in League 1 at the gate one season.....
  5. Remember when young Joe Morrell was being hailed as the new wonder kid , and we were fighting off Liverpool etc to keep hold of him , so hope this all turns out much better !
  6. Interesting your last paragraph, as I was reading a twitter conversation between Swindon fans a few weeks ago, where they were in agreement that the Oxford/ Swindon ‘rivalry ‘ is a bit contrived and they all see Bristol City as their real rivals, and are up for playing City more than any other club. Surprised me !
  7. I used to warm my hands on that.......
  8. Vincent Tan who received a lot of piss taking since taking over Cardiff has led them to the Prem twice and an FA Cup Final in a much shorter time than SL’s reign. They might not of been able to sustain it, but at least they had a real go , got there and banked all the money that comes with it.
  9. Surely the country hosting the Semi finals and Final should be awarded it ......
  10. Have to agree Dave , On one hand SL provides the financial stability and has/is building the infrastructure around the club , yet on the other I think he is holding the club back from making real progress with constant lousy footballing decisions . If Cardiff , under the much ridiculed Vincent Tan can reach the prem twice plus an FA Cup final and Swansea can do similar and both are same sized clubs in my opinion as us ,what does that say for SL’s reign of 24 years where we came close once ? Even the likes of Swindon ,Wigan , Blackpool etc have achieved more......!
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